Awkward elevator situations

The Janoskians+2 girls=who knows?


2. What now..?

The elevator and it was soo dark!

We all used our phones for light.

I just realised...we were stuck in an elevator with the JANOSKIANS!

One boy said " We are gonna be here for a while"

Holly said "lets not say that?"  

I said "Okay" This is holly, Im alex" 

Jai said "This is beau,daniel and James"

I sat on the ground and Jai and Luke sat down with me.

Luke said "So why are you here in melbourne?"

"Oh we are on a holiday,Why are you here dont you live here?"

The twins said "We are celebrating our birthday"

"Awhh happy birthday" I said 

Jai said " Do you wanna come over to our room,We got cake?"

Before I could ever say anything holly interupted..

"*cough* she wants the D *cough*" Holly said.

The boys laughed and Jai Luke and Beau pulled down their pants.:O

I screamed and went over to holly.

 Holly said "Aww por alex is scared of pantsless boys"

She said this while hugging me then I soon felt someone else hug me..

Its was Beau with nothing only underwear on..

I tried to squirm from the little group hug going on.


I started laughing

I ran over to Jai "dont let them kill me"

He said "I wouldnt" Hugging me.

" OOOO JAII!" James said poking him.

Jai said "shut up James"

Beau suddenly pulled out his phone and started recording "Hey guys its beau,We are stuck in an elevator with our 2 new friends Alex and holly,So sorry that Jai wnot answer his keek,He is too fuckin busy flirting with his new girlfriend,ANSWER YOU KEEK WAR CUNT! 

Holly just said " Wanna pull and all nighter with us?" 

They all screamed "YES!!" In unison.

It was gonna be a long but fun fucking night..

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