Awkward elevator situations

The Janoskians+2 girls=who knows?


4. Well..This is awkward

We were in the boys room and we were eating cake..It was nice cake I might add..

Jai said "So how do you like the cake?" 

I said "Its really good"

Jai said "Yeah.."

There was a complete long silence the Luke and Holly started a cake fight..

Then Jai looked at me and said "Wanna join in?"

I said "Hell yeah!"

So we were all having the cake fight and then we stopped..

Beau said " Lets make a video"

Daniel said "Oh my god yeah!"

So there was the 5 boys doing their thing

Then they called us over I was like "WHATTT?"

Jai said "This is my girlfriend Alex"

I was like in my head Oh my god wtf this is the best night of my life!

Luke said "And this is my girlfriend Holly" 

Beau and James looked at each other 

Beau said "This is awkward"

I started to laugh and we did and awkward situation video and it was hilarious!

So we went downstair (We did not take the elevator!)

So they do the video and then we all went back to our own rooms and me and Jai were outside talking and he sad "I cant wait to spend the rest of the week together"

I said "Jai..I have to leave tomorrow"

Jai said "Well we can make it work"

I said "only if you want to"

Jai said "of course I do I really like you alex"

I said "Awww I really like you too"

So then we went into our own rooms and the next morning we met in the lobby 

Beau,Daniel and James said goodbye to us and then Luke and holly said goodbye 

Jai took my hand and said "I will call you later and talk about things"

I said "Okay,we can skype later"

He said goodbye and So did I and then he left and me and holly came back to Ireland 

Now that is what I call and awkward elevator situation...

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