Awkward elevator situations

The Janoskians+2 girls=who knows?


1. That elevator tho!

"Alexxx I wanna go back to the hotel" My friend Holly said as we were walking to our hotel.

We went to the store to get some candy because we were gonna pull an all nighter.

It was around 11.00pm and it started pouring rain.

My name is Alex Brennan and Im from Ireland.

July 3rd me and my friend Holly went to Melbourne for a holiday.We were staying at a holiday inn

1.00am it was by the time we got back to the lobby and we were both soaked and so tired.

The hotel was so warm and dry and I was just standing there in my pyjama's socked to the bone.

I walked to the elevator and it was just about the close when 5 boys ran int the elevator screaming like hell.

They were all like so cute! But anyway..!

Me and brandi standing there dripping and the boys are just laughing at what just happened before they came into the elevator.

This dark haired boy said "Im so scared" Not to mention he had a twin.Its just the cutest thought ever!

Brandi was just staring at one of them...Awkward!

I just stood in the corner shy and all I am.

One boy told the guy who was scared "shut the fuck up" He said back to him " its not my fucking fault im scared of these things!"

My friend holly mumbled "Fuckin pussy"

I bursted out laughing then covered my mouth..They all looked at me.Mortifying! 

The other twin with the beanie Im pretty sure his name was Luke but whatever.

He pointed at me and said "I was wondering the same thing"

I said "excuse me"

The other guy he was cute and said "why do girls like bad guys?"

Ohh! He was pointing at my shirt

I said "Dunno ha!"

"Im Luke" "And Im Luke"

I said "Hey Im alex,I loveee your accent"

Everyone in australia had the cool laid back accent I am from Ireland with that rough fucking accent.

"Our accent" They said

I said "Yeah,you sound so chilled about everything"

Luke said "Your accent is way cooler"

Jai said "Yeah if only we could do it"

The lights started flickering in the elevator.

Then we were in total darkness  

I screamed "FUCK!"



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