Awkward elevator situations

The Janoskians+2 girls=who knows?


3. Finally!

The lights suddenly came back on.

"YES!" said James

The elevator started moving on up and it opened

"FINALLY" I said

Jai looked at me and said "Your so beautiful"

I said "Woah! Where did that come from?"

"Oh you know just saying the truth" He smirks

I said "Awhh your so cute"

Beau said "Aww blah blah blah enouh with this affection sweet shit,LETS PARTAYY!"

Holly looked and luke and the both smiled and held hands

I said "Well that escalated quickly.."

Jai said "So did this.." 

He fuckin kissed me!:O 

I took like a little heart attack!

Jai said "Lets go back to our room"

We went to their room and it was soo awkward Because the silence was golden.

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