Return of the Wolf

What will happen when the Big Bad Wolf comes back for Red and her family? Will she be saved again, or will her life finally come to an end?
Note: I just thought of this last night so bear with me. Contains gruesome scenes. Read at your own risks.


1. Prologue

I awoke in a cold sweat. As I looked anxiously around the room I realized it was just a dream. God, it felt so real! I carefully remove the duvet from around my body to go open the window. I let the cold October wind calm me down as I relived my nightmare. I could smell the decaying leaves of the Dark Forest and feel the cold sticky sweat run down my face, as I ran from a life threatening danger. I could hear and feel his hot heavy breath as he was closing in on me. Its been a year since that furry bastard tried to murder me. I keep reliving that moment, and I don't know how much more I can take. And I have a horrible feeling. I feel as though he's coming back. He's coming back bigger, stronger, and with a heart full of revenge and malice. This time I don't think the Huntsman can save us. No one can.

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