Return of the Wolf

What will happen when the Big Bad Wolf comes back for Red and her family? Will she be saved again, or will her life finally come to an end?
Note: I just thought of this last night so bear with me. Contains gruesome scenes. Read at your own risks.


5. Chapter 4: Into the Mountains

I head towards the cottage in a full on sprint. "MOM!", I yell as a enter the house. She jumped out of her rocking chair by the dusty window. " What in God's name is wrong?", my mother asked urgently. i ran to her and embraced her in the tightest hug. " Sit back down mom I have something to tell you." Her face went slack as she hesitantly sat down in the rustic rocking chair. I took my place on the groaning floor boards and gather my self before I tell her the news. When I was done her face was flushed. "Oh Red.", was the only thing she as capable of saying. "I have to leave tomorrow to head into  Fa- your Mountains." "Oh Red.", she repeated. She held her arms open wide and I came towards her. I don't know how long we stayed like that, but we we finally get up the moon is just above the dense wood of the Dark Forest. The next morning I wake up to the smell of bacon and eggs. I head down stairs and see that the kitchen table is set with plates full of toast, bacon, eggs, jam, and two tall glasses of orange juice. My mother walks out from the small kitchen to greet me. " Your favorite meal before you head out.", she beams. " Oh honey you make me so  proud, promise you'll come back safe." " I swear", I tell her giving her yet another hug. I'll never know when I'll get to feel her warm and safe embrace ever again. We sit down at the round mahogany table and tuck in. "Mom this is the best.", I say and immediately her eyes twinkle with tears." How can we act like nothing is happening? Can't we find another way? You're still a child, Red. You're my baby girl, and I can't pretend that you're not about to face the greatest danger in Farlen.  I just can't.", she says slamming her fragile hands into the hard wood. " Mom don't worry about me. It's me the Wolf wants. If I don't face him he's liable to come after you too, and I'm not having that mom, I'm not. I promised I'd come back safe and I'll make sure I do." With that we ate the rest of our breakfast in silence. When I finished I headed upstairs to gather my things for the journey. I packed two sets of clothing, some throwing daggers, a blanket,and an emergency healing potion I obtained from a witch east of the village. I went down stair to find my mother gazing at a picture of me when I was bending by the stream that flows gracefully behind our cottage. "Ok mom I guess this is it.", I say solemnly. She walks over and gives me a tight hug, kisses my cheeks, and watches me walk into the morning not sure if I'll ever be back. When I return to the Huntsman's cabin, he's sitting on the porch with two satchels by his feet. " Good morning Red. Let's get this over with." With that we head on the path to the right of his cabin heading west to get help with the oncoming battle. It takes three days to travel to the mountains, and I don't know how much time we can spare. So fifteen minutes into the journey we come to a fork in the path. If we go right we will go to where the witches reside. If we go left we can resume our journey and use up all our time. So I stop and turn towards the Huntsman. " Do you think the witches have something that can help us get to the mountains quicker?", I asked. " I don't know we'll have to check, but aren't they on the evil's side? We just can't skip over there and asked for help." " Look we don't have time to waste, they might have a reason to help us or they might not and I'm willing to take that chance.", I retort. I set off to the right and he has no choice to follow. " Teenagers.", I hear him mumble behind me.

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