Return of the Wolf

What will happen when the Big Bad Wolf comes back for Red and her family? Will she be saved again, or will her life finally come to an end?
Note: I just thought of this last night so bear with me. Contains gruesome scenes. Read at your own risks.


4. Chapter 3: Huntsman's Cabin

I'm almost at the Huntsman's cabin. First I have to climb up this damn hill. When I reach the top, I just stand there for a while to rest my legs. I look in all directions to admire the beautiful view. I look behind me and see my village. All the houses make nice little rows. Even the Dark Forest looks kinda appealing from up here.Just to the left of the cabin is a massive field of wild flowers that bend in the cool wind. Seeing all this almost makes me forget of the Wolf's return. Almost. I make my decent on the steep slope of the hill. The Huntsman must have seen me coming because before I could get to the door he came out and greeted me. " Hey Red nice to see you again. What brings you back?". "He's coming.", I say flatly. Instantly his face fell. " What do you mean he's coming I killed him.", he asked dumbfounded. " He came into the village and killed Mr. Cassidy. Here look at this.". He snatched the note out of my hand and began to read with an intense ferocity. " This isn't good.", he said handing me back the note." Oh really, I thought it was the pleasantest of surprises.", I say sarcastically. " Says the one needing my help.", he retorts. "Look we're going to need help have any ideas?". "We'll have to go to the palace and see if they'll give us some of their soldiers." ."Ok, that's not a totally bad idea,but they'll be dead in seconds.",I say. "Well we could go beyond Fa-your Mountains and get some of the bear-gnomes ."he suggests. " Okay now we're getting somewhere. Let's meet tomorrow at the same time and think of a more elaborate plan."  After my motion, we said our goodbyes and I headed back home.I don't know how we can defeat something like that. He's a hybrid for God's sake! Luck won't be on our side this time. As long as that dog didn't come near my mother I can manage. If I find even one hair on my mom missing, I'll make the furry son of a bitch a pair of boots, a belt, and a jacket. I take in every detail on my way back home. Every tree, every bush, every flower, and even every blade of grass. I might not ever get to feel this relaxed again so i'm going to make the best of it. When I finally get home just as the sun hits the horizon, I notice that the front door to our cottage is wide open.

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