Return of the Wolf

What will happen when the Big Bad Wolf comes back for Red and her family? Will she be saved again, or will her life finally come to an end?
Note: I just thought of this last night so bear with me. Contains gruesome scenes. Read at your own risks.


3. Chapter 2: He's Here


      I hope you're prepared for my return. Look upon this man's face, for what you see here will happen to you tenfold. You may have thought your dear Huntsman saved you once, but I tell you now, I'm coming. The Sisters of the Dark Forest found me shortly after you made your escape. They promised me I will have my revenge and I will make sure that their claim will be fulfilled. 

                       See you soon,


So my instincts were right. Good thing the Huntsman trained me so next time I would be prepared if I ever faced danger again.. The Dark Forest is full of evil creatures. Hybrids, demons, trolls, anything you can imagine, it's there.And believe me they now we're here too. With shaking hands I run out the tavern. Just as I get outside I vomit uncontrollably. The sight of poor old Mr. Cassidy. It was horrible. The son of a bitch ripped his innards out so far they reached the nearest table which was 6 feet away.. The stench of the his  metallic blood will always stay with me. His face was shredded so severally I hardly recognized him when I first walked in. The blood on the floor was ankle deep and will leave permanent stains.. When I'm finished I wipe my mouth off with the edge of my cloak. I swear that I'll make the furry motherfucker into a pair of boots. The Huntsman lives two miles past the village, so I start off with a fast pace. Looking at the sun I know it's only 10:00. This is going to be a hell of a ride. Just outside the village there's a little old bridge that crosses over Gordan's  Creek. I shade my eyes from the morning's sun and think I see a man.  "Hey you wait!" The man stop and turns around and gives me a questioning glare. "Yea, What  you want can't you see I'm trying to go somewhere?", the man says fiercely. " That's exactly what I'm trying to figure out, What happened? Where is everybody?" I questioned. " Haven't you heard? The Wolf is back. All the villagers ran in a building when someone spotted him coming. He just went into Mr. Cassidey's and killed'em. When he came out he said he was coming back for you,and anyone who got in his way can join you, so we decided to go down to Apple Wood village." And with that the man turned and left. No more stalling. It's go time.

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