Return of the Wolf

What will happen when the Big Bad Wolf comes back for Red and her family? Will she be saved again, or will her life finally come to an end?
Note: I just thought of this last night so bear with me. Contains gruesome scenes. Read at your own risks.


2. Chapter 1: Calling for Backup

I know what I must do. Better safe than sorry right? I need to go to the Huntsman and try to at least be prepared just in case he does return. I get dressed and hurriedly go down stairs." Red, why are you in such a hurry,it's only 8:30?", my mom pronounced from the kitchen. " I need to handle some business. I'll be back before sunset." , I say as I pull on my boots. " Well be safe and remember don't talk to strangers.". " Mom I'm eighteen, I think I can handle my own.", I proclaimed. " You can never be sure sweetheart. I just have a bad feeling.". And with that I grab my cloak and head out the door. Seems like everyone can sense that he's returning even if they don't know what that feeling might mean. As I head to the village, I look over to my right and about 300 yards away I can see the tall ominous trees of the Dark Forest. It feels as though the trees can stare back at you.They try to lure you closer to boar darkness into your soul with their ever growing malice.Through the forest is a pathway. On either side of the path is an enchanted fence that keeps out any evil force. While on the path to Grandma's I could hear all the creatures through the dense wood, waiting for me to step of the path to tear me from limb to limb . The sounds of the things was that of the most purest form of evil. As I pass a few houses I notice nobody is around. I get a sense of uneasiness as I round the corner of the local drug store. Usually the village would be packed with merchants, shoppers, hell even beggars. But today no one is in sight. So I decide to look in Mr. Cassidy's tavern. Mr. Cassidy ran the only tavern for miles. The tavern of the closest village to us burned down while some of the King's army pillaged the small innocent town.They just came through and left the people to die.Eating all the food, raping women and girls, not giving two fucks of who they were hurting. I despise our kingdom.  When I gazed in the dusty front window I noticed two things. One being that it too was empty of any living thing, and two there was a large trail of blood leading to the back of the tavern. I slowly made my way to the door  and pushed lightly. The door was unlocked. I  walked in and examined the blood spots. It seems they've only been there for an hour. I definitely need to get to the Huntsman. I walked to the back of the tavern and there lying limply on the floor, eyes wide with fear was Mr. Cassidy with a note on his shredded carcass. I immediately bend over and almost retch my guts out. After for what seemed as an eternity, I noticed something on Mr. Cassidy. On his macerated body lied a bloodied note. I picked it up and began reading intently.

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