Elle's stores about her love H's moments with her.


1. gloomy sunday

Sunday morning, 3rd July 2014.


Today was a gloomy Sunday and it could only go down from here. I'd only slid my slippers on yet, already I knew today would be awful. As I slumped down the stairs and into the kitchen to make myself some breakfast, I heard the door phone ring; it was 7 o'clock and a Sunday, who could this be? I picked up the phone and immediately wished i hadn't, it was the worst phone call of my life. After that I didn't feel like eating breakfast or doing anything but i had to great ready, i needed to leave, i needed to be there.


After rushing around trying to find something, anything to wear, i was out the door. I entered my car and looked at the clock on the dashboard, it read 7.15; it felt like i had been up for ages, its funny how one phone call can change everything. Putting my key in the ignition, preparing for what would feel like the longest car journey of my life, even though it would only be a five minute drive, if i keep to the speed limit which most defiantly will not. 


I drove as fast as i could, i didn't want to miss any more moments than i already had. 7.18, I did it in 3 minutes, including parking! I slammed the door shut and ran into the building. Surrounded by lots of corridors going to different places i looked for the one that you were down, it seemed such a hard task but id been here everyday for the past month since you arrived here last month. Found it! I ran as fast as my gangly legs could take me, which wasn't very fast, making sure i would waste a single second of precious time that seemed to be slipping out of my grasp too fast.

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