The maze.

Remember: getting out alive is the goal.


1. Start.

Four walls, a door and a key. What I supposed to do with this? I'm very confused and the pain I feel right now is not helping with all this. Breathe, Arena, you just have to breathe; I say to myself. I'm claustrophobic and, if I don't go out of this strange room, I don't know what can happen with me.
An hooter. It begins as a shrill whistle that fades with the seconds' passage, until being completely consumed by the walls. What's going on? Another hooter, but this time the sound is grave, followed by a hoarse voice that speaks; I didn't even knew that this room had speakers. Are you ready? I hear tell the speakers. NO! WHAT'S GOING ON? LEAVE ME OUT! I scream, but nobody's listen to me or maybe that's what I thought. I'm sorry Arena, we can't let you go. But, don't worry, it's just for a while. FOR A WHILE? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? No answer, however, the voice continues the speech he had begun. Take your keys and have fun. WHAT? NO, WAIT. PLEASE, LEAVE ME OUT, PLEASE! The countdown begins and remember: getting out alive is the goal. The goal? This is a kind of game? MOTHER F*CKER! Good luck kids. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four... Where is my f*cking key? I have to get out from here, and if this is the only way I'll fight to the death. Three, two... My hands tremble as I put the key in the door look. One... The door opens, and I froze in the doorway. I'm in a glass maze.

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