The Bad Monster {Liam Payne}

No blurb at the moment. Changing the plot so the old blurb had to be removed but a new one will be in it's place soon hopefully.

This story will contain the following - swearing, mild sexual scenes, fighting, lots of drama, a long lost brother, a bunch of secrets, parties, alcohol, an overprotective new boyfriend, an old crazy psycho boyfriend and a bunch of other crazy things.

Story currently in progress. (Sorry for not updating in like forever).


3. New Friends

Chapter 4.


Chapter : New Friends



Maths was surprisingly fun.


There was a spare seat behind Liam so I sat there.


During the whole class, he would just turn around and talk to me until the teacher, who I learned his name was Mr. Jones, told him to turn back around but he kept doing it and I think that's why after about the 10th time of being told, the teacher just left him to do what he wanted.


I also made a few new friends called Charlotte, Mason, Janessa, Harvey and Blaze.


Charlotte has blonde hair with brown highlights down to her mid waist and is the head cheerleader for the school.


Mason has longish hair and is very funny and also a science geek.


Janessa is a bubbly and very loud girl with light ombre hair and is a really good singer.


Harvey has light brown hair that sits over the right side of his face and seems to make jokes about everything and is the schools quarterback for the football team.


And last but not least - Blaze who has blonde hair that sits back in a quiff and likes to try pick-up lines on people - me included now.


~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~


After math was finished, Harvey and Janessa showed me to my next class which was art.


"Miss Brown, this is Amber and she's new," Harvey introduced me to the teacher who was stood at the door to the class, speaking to another student who was walking into the classroom.


"Hello Amber, I'm Miss Brown and I'll be your art teacher for the rest of this year," Miss Brown introduced herself as we walked in the class.


"Class, we have a new student joining us today called Amber," Miss Brown called out to the class to catch their attention and then turned to me, "Why don't you tell us a bit about you?" She asked.


"Um okay, well I'm Amber and I moved here with my mum from Newport for her work and yeah, here I am," I told them and nodded my head at the end.


"That's lovely, why don't you go take a seat next to Brandon?" Miss Brown told me and at that point I realised that 'Brandon' is the same Brandon I met this morning.


I nodded my head at her and walked slowly to the free seat on Brandon's right with my head down.


"I guess we're partners then," Brandon muttered to himself as I sat down, probably thinking that I never heard it but I did.


"I guess we are," I told him and he looked up at me startled that I had not only just replied but also heard what he said in the first place.



For the rest of the class, Brandon and I didn't mutter a word to each other and just got on with the work that was given to us.



Just after the bell went at the end of the class and I was packing my things up, I felt a hand being placed on my left shoulder. When I looked up I noticed it was a boy who sat two seats along from me.


"Hi!" He said with a big smile on his face.


"Hey," I replied and smiled back.


"Amber, right?" he asked and I nodded.


"Yeah that's me. I'm sorry, I didn't get your name?" I asked and he smiled widened.


"I'm Jacob but everyone around here called me Jake and it's an honour to meet a girl as beautiful as you," he told me and bowed in front of me.


I laughed slightly at him and I felt my face heat up.


"I guess you don't get much compliments then?" Jake asked me as he stood back up.


"No, not really. I've never really had a friend that's a boy who doesn't screw me over in the end," I told him as I pushed some of my hair behind my ear, embarrassed.


"Well it would be my greatest pleasure to be your first friend that is a guy who doesn't screw you over," Jake held out his hand and I placed mine in his and we shook on it.


"That would be nice, thank you," We talked for a few more minutes at the same time we walked to our lockers because we both had pe together at the same time.


~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~


Because I didn't have my pe clothes, the teacher didn't make me do anything. I just sat down on one of the benches at the side of the room and watched as the rest of the class did there warm up which was to sprint from one side of the room to the other three times.


I also realised that not only was Jake in my class but so was Liam. Every time I moved my head in the direction Liam was in, I could see him looking at me and when I returned the look, he would just smile and keep staring at me.


After class had finished, Jake walked me back to were my locker was so I could find Bella.


"How are you able to eat so much food and still be as skinny as a pencil?" Jake asked Bella once we reached her and found her finishing a chocolate doughnut and then opening a chocolate bar.


"Because I was blessed with a curse that lets me be skinny all my life and you were born with a curse that makes every teacher love you," Was the reply that came out of Bella's mouth as I began laughing silently.


"Now that's just playing mean, I can't help it if the teachers prefer me to the others and I didn't ask for it either," Jake started to pout his bottom lip out and pretended to be upset.


"I don't play fair Jacob," Bella told him, grabbed my arm and we quickly ran down the hall laughing while Jake was left behind on his own.


"Hey!" He shouted after us. I turned back around to face him once we stopped running and gave him a wave while still laughing.


"Love you too," Bella shouted back as we captured some other pupils attention but Bella didn't seem to notice.


"Your so cute together! How long have you both been together for?" I asked once we rounded the corner and started walking again.


"Thanks, and about a year and a half," She told me which made my smile widen.


"Well when yous get married, I'm going to be the bridesmaid," I said and she just laughed and shook her head.


"Yeah okay, you can be the bridesmaid if it makes you happy," She waved it off and we walked to the lunch hall where we met up with Janessa, Harvey, Jake and Charlotte.


~•~•~• A/N •~•~•~


1116 words.


Not particularly proud of this chap but oh well.



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