The Bad Monster {Liam Payne}

No blurb at the moment. Changing the plot so the old blurb had to be removed but a new one will be in it's place soon hopefully.

This story will contain the following - swearing, mild sexual scenes, fighting, lots of drama, a long lost brother, a bunch of secrets, parties, alcohol, an overprotective new boyfriend, an old crazy psycho boyfriend and a bunch of other crazy things.

Story currently in progress. (Sorry for not updating in like forever).


1. Meeting The Neighbours

Chapter 1.


Chapter: Meeting The Neighbours


Looking out of the window, all I saw was trees, the outside pool and my mum down at the bottom of the garden. From my room, I could see that she was on the phone, most likely to her new boss.


I decided that instead of sitting in my room all day that i would put my bikini on and go out side and sun bathe. And i done just that.


Once I had put my bikini on, I made my way downstairs, out to the back garden and went over to the grass beside the pool, and lay down.


Luckily, I brought my docking station with me so I connected my phone with it and clicked on the shuffle button and I instantly recognized the song as Perfect Night by Olly Murs.


I started singing along with the song as I enjoyed the sun hitting off of my legs.


A while later, I was half way through listening to Lucky Ones by Union J when my mum shouted my name from some where on my left.


"Yeah?" I asked he as I sat up and looked over to her. She was stood by the fence talking to one of our new neighbours.


"Come here for a minute please?" She motioned me over to her as she smiled to the lady next to her.


"I'd like you to meet Lillian" My mum introduced as I walked over to them.


"Nice to meet you Lillian," I greeted her nicely.


"You too Amber," She smiled looked behind her for a moment before turning back around again, "I have a daughter the same age as you. You could go hang out with her if you like," She asked.


"Oh, that's a lovely idea Lillian!" My mum smile got bigger, "What do you say Amb?" She asked me.


"Uh, yeah I guess," I laughed nervously.


"Well," Lillian clapped her hands together and smiled at me, "Just wait here and I'll go get her for you," And with that, she turned around and headed inside her house to find her daughter.


Once I was sure she was gone, I turned to face my mum with a glare. "How could you?" I asked her.


"What?" She asked innocently as if she had no clue what I was on about.


"You know what I mean," I snapped, "You dragged me all the way across the world from my friends and your already trying to force me to be friends with the next-door neighbour! Why couldn't you just leave me alone for once?" I glared at her even more.


"You know your going to have to make friends soon so why not just get it over with and try to be friends with her. If it doesn't work, I'll leave you to make your own friends but please just try to get on with her," She pleaded.


"Fine but I'm not making any promises," I replied and turned back around to see Lillian coming out of her house with a girl a little taller than me following behind her.


"Amber, meet my daughter Bella, Bella meet our new neighbour Amber," Lillian introduced us to each other.


Now that she was closer to me, I could get a good look at her - She had blonde hair with a slight brown look to it that stopped just below where her shoulders met her arms, bright green eyes and she must have been about 5ft 6.


"Hi, It's nice to meet you Amber," Bella smiled at me.


"You too," I returned the smile.


"Bella, why don't you go show Amber around the neighbour hood? It that okay Connie?" Lillian asked my mum.


"Yeah, that would be wonderful. Could you show Amber where the school is as well?" My mum asked Bella and when she nodded, mum turned to me, " I forgot to tell you that you would be starting school tomorrow."


Great. I thought to myself. Not only did she want me to leave everyone I cared about back home, now she wants me to be friends with a girl I just met and start a new school in one days where I will know nobody? Just brilliant!


"Okay mum," I nodded at her telling her that I understood but really I just didn't want to make a big deal out of it in front of our new neighbours.


After we had said goodbye to our mums, I met Bella outside of her front house.


"So, where to first?" I asked her.


"I was thinking I could just give you a drive around the area then we could go for a walk in the town so you can see where things are then we can go to the school last?" She sounded like she had already planed out where we should go first so I didn't want to bother her and tell her otherwise.


"Okay," I nodded and we headed over to her garage where her car was parked. Once we were buckled in, we set off for a drive around the area where I would be living for the next few years.


After about two minutes of silence, Bella spoke up, "So why did you move, if you don't mind me asking."


"We moved because my mum got offered a place for this job that she's always wanted to do so she packed everything we owned and I guess that's how we ended up here," I told her.


"Oh, okay," Bella then pulled over to the side of the road and turned and looked me straight in the eyes. "Look," She started off, "I get it, you don't like me. You're new here and you don't want me to be your friend," She told me in a harsh voice.


"It's not that I don't want you to be my friend. It's just that I've had a rough childhood and I don't find it easy to make friends with people," I told her.


"I'm sorry," She looked down at her lap, "I shouldn't have spoke to you like that."


I placed my hand over hers, "Hey," Bella looked up at me with glossy eyes, "It's not your fault, you didn't know," I told her and she nodded.


Suddenly, she leaned over and hugged me. It took me a few seconds to process what was happening but I soon found myself placing my arms around her.


"How about we go get something to eat?" I asked her.


"Yeah, that sounds nice," Bella then sat up and wiped her eyes, "You probably think I'm a complete an utter freak, don't you?" She asked me.


"Of course not," I replied and hugged her once again.


"Come on, lets go get some food!" Bella said exited now.


"Yeah, lets go," I replied.


Maybe being friends with Bella won't be as bad as i thought it would be?


~•~•~• A/N •~•~•~

1200 words.

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