The Bad Monster {Liam Payne}

No blurb at the moment. Changing the plot so the old blurb had to be removed but a new one will be in it's place soon hopefully.

This story will contain the following - swearing, mild sexual scenes, fighting, lots of drama, a long lost brother, a bunch of secrets, parties, alcohol, an overprotective new boyfriend, an old crazy psycho boyfriend and a bunch of other crazy things.

Story currently in progress. (Sorry for not updating in like forever).


2. Looking Around

Chapter 2.


Chapter : Looking Around.



"How was your old school?" Bella asked as we finished our ice creams that we had bought after she had shown me around the neighbourhood.


"It was good. A bit stressful at times but you get used to it I guess. Most of the teachers got sick of telling me off so much that they just left me to do what I wanted," I informed her as I shrugged my shoulders.


"What do you mean they 'got sick of telling you off'?" By Bella's facial expression, I could tell that she didn't know what I meant.


"I mean that back home, I wasn't like this. I wasn't how I am now," I confessed.


"What were you like?" Bella asked.


"I went to parties most nights and got really drunk that I couldn't even remember my name or anything that had happened the night before, I smoked a lot at the weekends and I slept with mostly all the guys in my class," And by this point I could tell that Bella was feeling slightly uncomfortable with what I was saying.


"So you were a badass?" She asked.


"You could say that but I would rather put it this way - it was a bad time for me and I just got involved with the wrong group. I made bad decisions that I wish I could change but it's all in the past now," I concluded


"So what changed? I mean there had to be something that happened to make you change to who you are now?" Bella questioned.


"I guess I just wanted to start over again and since me and my mum were moving, I just thought that this would be the perfect way to do it. I don't want to be who I was anymore, I want to start fresh and that's what I'm going to do,"  I was telling the truth when I said that I wanted to have a fresh start.


I really do want to change my life and the way people think of me.




"So, how did you get on?" Mum asked me when we were both having dinner that night.


"It was good. The area is nice and the school looks nice," I answered.


"That's good sweetie. Did you get on well with Bella?" She questioned.


"Yeah we got on fine, she said she's going to drive me to school this week if its ok with you?" I asked mum.


"That's wonderful darling! Of course its okay! Im just glad you've made a friend!" Mum cheered.


"Thanks mum."


For the rest of the night, i got everything i would need for tomorrow and placed them all in the bag i would be using for the next few months.


~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~


The first thing I saw in the next morning when I walked through the kitchen door was my mum and Lillian talking.


"Morning sweetie," Mum greeted me as I walked over to the fridge.


"Morning mum. Morning Lillian," I replied.


"Morning Amber. Did you sleep okay?" Lillian asked as I opened the fridge door and got the milk.


"Yeah, I did thanks."


"That's good darling," She said to me and then turned to my mum, "Sorry for asking you for this but do you mind if you drop Bella off at school this morning for me? I got a call from my boss this morning saying there was an emergency meeting?" She smiled at my mum and waited for a answer.


"Yes that's quite alright Lillian, I don't mind taking Bella at all," My mum replied.


"Thank you Connie and to make it up to you, we can have some drinks tonight and the girls can do whatever they want to do?" She asked.


"That sounds like a brilliant idea, what do you say Amber?" Mum turned to me and asked.


"Yeah, sounds good," I replied.


"Well now that that's settled, I'll go tell Bella then I'll be off to work. Thank you again Connie."


"Really Lillian, its no bother at all," My mum said with a smile.


Lillian Said her goodbyes and went to tell Bella what was happening.


~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~


As mum pulled into the school car park, Bella and I's conversation came to an end as I looked out of the window on my right and looked at the school building.


"What do you think Amber?" Mum's voice broke my thoughts about the school.


"It looks okay. I mean I haven't saw what its like yet but I think I'll like it," I replied with a small smile.


"That's good then, I guess you better be off then and enjoy your first day," Mum smiled and Bella and I got out of the car and said goodbye.


"Well I guess we better go and get your timetable now then," Bella clapped her hands together and smiled.


"Yeah I think that's a good idea," I laughed and followed her to the office.



As we walked to the office, I noticed all the stares I was getting since I transferred to the school half way into the term.


"Just ignore them Amber," Bella told me and we walked through the entrance door of the school and I immediately spotted the office.


"Let's go," Bella gestured to the office door and we walked next to each other in silence.


"Good morning Bella," A cheery voice said just as I close the office door.


"Morning Sarah," Bella replied back at the lady who sat in a chair in the middle of the room who must be about 25 years old.


"And who do we have here?" Sarah turned to me and asked.


"I'm Amber. I just moved here," I smiled at her and she returned it back.


"Well it's nice to meet you Amber, I'll go and get your timetable for you," Sarah stood up and went over to the filling cabinet at the left of the room.


"It's nice to meet you as well Sarah and thank you," I told her once she came back with my things.


"It's alright dear, if you ever need anything, just tell me and I'll be happy to help," I smiled at her. Bella and I said our goodbyes to Sarah before we exited the room and back into the hallways.


"Do you want me to help you find your locker and walk you to your first class?" Bella asked me.


"Yeah, that would be nice. Thank you," I replied


We walked to my locker and looked at what classes I would have that day.


"Okay so your in my biology, english and art class so you'll be fine in them. And here's your locker," Bella told me and stopped next to where my locker was.


I put in the combination and opened the locker door. There was a shelve in the middle to separate the room of the locker.


"You can put all your folders and sports things in here when you don't want to carry them, that's what I do anyway," Bella laughed and I smiled.


All of a sudden, I was pushed out of the way and I landed on the floor.


"Outta my way newbie!" A loud and obnoxious voice said to my right.


"Go away Brandon," Bella sighed and I looked up to the boy called Brandon.


"Why should I be the one to move away? I'm not the one who started half way during the year and is in the way!" By now, it looked like Bella and Brandon were having a staring contest.


"Hey! Brad, back off," Another male voice shouted but from further back and from behind me.


I slowly turned my head around and saw a boy, a little shorted than Brandon, who had middle shade brown hair, a blue and white checked shirt on, black skinny jeans and a pair of vans on his feet.


"Leave her alone," He told Brandon when he eventually stopped next to us.


"But," Brandon started but the other guy cut him off.


"No buts Brad. Give her a break, it's her first day and she doesn't know her way around the school like the rest of us do," The nameless guy told Brandon.


"Thanks bro," Bella thanked the boy with a smile and he returned it before turning to face me.


"Sorry about him, I don't think he's taken his tablets this morning," Him and Bella both laughed while Brandon scowled at the pair.


"It's alright," I replied and looked down at my feet for a few seconds before looking back up and back at the boy as he started to talk to me again.


"I don't think we have been introduced. My name's Liam but you can call me Li for short if you want to?" Liam introduced himself and gave me a warm smile.


For the first time since I moved here, I actually feel welcomed and wanted unlike Brandon who doesn't even know me and already wants me gone.


"Amber," I told Liam and gave a smile back.


"Well it's nice to meet you Amber, what do you have first?" Liam asked.


"I think it's maths," I answered but it came out more of a question.


"I have maths as well so i'll walk with you so you don't get lost," Liam explained.


"Thank you," I thanked him and said goodbye to Bella and Brandon although Brandon just grunted and  muttered something that sounded like "some mate I have" and then walked away.


~•~•~• A/N •~•~•~


1531 words.


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