The god of Thunder, and Hero of Gods

Let's face it. My life was almost like hell. Having your entire body exposed to a mutant ectoslime, getting indestructible limbs after an accident, and having powers almost like a god. No one really accepted me, except a few people. Maybe even this newcomer, who claims to be a god.


2. The Dream in Snowyisland

Jane and her team took me in. Everyone was really nice to me. Except the few people that I considered douchebags that try to hit on me. In return, I hit them back with their houses trashed. But the people who took care of me were nice. Especially Jane. She was the first person to treat me like another normal being other than my mom and other friends. We actually called ourselves moirails, best friends.

Right now, Jane wanted to see this phenomenon somewhere in the middle of the desert. I don't know why, but for some reason, these phenomenons have been centering with thunder or some shit like that. But hey, don't get me wrong, part of my powers were element control, but thunder is the thing I'm having trouble with. Jane thought it was one of the pranks I did, but really, the last time I was sleeping.

I was in the back seat, reading about something I forgot. But what else was there to do? My pester friends were busy doing something. So I tried pestering my "ivertabro".

[rainbowBlaiziken started pestering terminallyCapricious]

RA: Hey Gzee wazzup? :o3

TC: hEy ThErE sIs NaH nOtHiNg Is MoThErFuCkInG gOiNg On :o)

RA: Oh. Ok then. How's Kloz?

TC: hEs At MoThErFuCkIn MeUlSiS's HoUsE :o|

RA: Oh. Okay. I just wanted to see if you were doin anythin.

TC: yEaH i WaS gOnNa Go To MoThErFuCkInG kArBrO's PlAcE wAnNa JoIn?

RA: Cant I'm with everyone going to the middle of nowhere

TC: aWwW tHaT aIn'T nO mOtHeRfUcKiN fUn :o(

RA: I know, but I have to go now. I'm getting sleepzy ^o^

TC: aLrIgHt SiS

RA: see ya :o3

[end of pestering]

Well, my friend can't talk right now. And it's kinda true, I'm pretty sleepy. Hey, it's like midnight or something, you would be sleepy if you woke up at 3 in the morning and it's already 12. So I decided to sleep a bit. But dream soon became fucked up reality.

When I fell asleep, the first thing I noticed was the cold feeling. My eyes shot open and so did my entire body. But not only that, I looked around me, and it was a freezing ruin. And I was wearing something else. A wavy short white dress with one sleeve on my left arm, with light gray baggy pants, and blue shin length boots. I was wearing a white hood on me, and it had a tail that was longer than my hair. The clothes had an icicle on the chest area. The thing that popped in my mind was these clothes related to ice and frost. "Hero of frost?" My mind said. That's actually a pretty good name. I decided to walk a bit.

It was the same scenery. A dark blue atmosphere, and a freezing temperature. But, for some reason, I felt a chilling feeling. Like I'm being watched. But that ended when I saw a beam of light shoot down. I hid behind a rock and peeked a bit. From the beam, six people were in its place. Five guys and one woman. They looked like they could kill. Especially the biggest guy. He looked pretty hot. He had silver armor and a red cape. But the thing that caught my eye the most was the weapon he was wielding. A hammer the size of my leg. And lemme tell you, I'm 6'3. I'm pretty tall for a woman. The group was looking around. "We shouldn't be here." The Asian guy said. I kinda agree with him. A guy with slicked black hair looked at my direction. "Something wrong, brother?" I heard an Australian accent. Wow. That's giving me chills. "No. Nothing. I could've sworn though that I saw something." I hid just in time to see them move. Being the curious kid I am, I followed without being scene.

Rock after rock, I followed the group, and so far, the didn't notice me, yet. "Where are they?" The woman asked. "Hiding. Like the cowards they are." They? Who the fuck is they? I'm gonna ignore that thought. But right now they approached an open area. "You've come a long way to die Asgardian." A deep voice said. Shit, that's scary. I peeked a bit to see what was happening. A big ass fucking giant the size of three pianos. "I am Thor Odinson!" The hot guy said. Well, shouted. "We know who you are." The giant said. That's scary. "What the fuck???" I mouthed out. "How did your people get into Asgard!?" Asgard?? Isn't that a myth?? "The house of Odin is full of traitors." The house of who now?? Ok I'm connecting something. Am I insane, or is it that I'm in a Norse dream?!?!?

"Do not dishonor my father with your lies!!" Thor said angrily. Ok I'm so confused, what the hell is going on??? "Your father is a murderer and a thief!!" The giant shouted. I know how that feels when it comes to AG. "And why have you come here? To make peace? You long for battle. You crave it." I crave for not dying. "You're nothing but a boy trying to prove himself a man." Weird "Well, this boy has grown tired of your mockery" Thor said. I'm getting tired of being here. But I noticed that more giants came, with freaking ice weapons. "Ok what the hell? Frost giants?!?!?" I whispered. I felt something cold form on my hand, an ice weapon the shape of my shotgun scythe. "Thor, stop and think." The guy said. Specifically, the black haired guy with green eyes. "Look around you, we're outnumbered." The guy tried reasoning. "Know your place, brother." Wait the blonde guy and smooth guy are bros?!?!? "You know not what your actions will unleash....I do." The giant said. I can't help but feel a pinch of pity for the thing. "Go now, while I still allow it." A frost giant came up to them."Take it. Take it. Take it." I kept on chanting. "We will accept your most gracious offer." Ok this guy is smart. Thor looked like he really wanted to kill them. As they were gonna turn and leave, the giant became a douche and said, "Run back home little princess." I face palmed and the guy said "Damn." As Thor smirked and hit the giant at a pillar. "Next?" "Oh my fucking god, what have you done?!?"

Everyone was fighting and I was trying to get away. All the while, Thor was just in a kill spree, while everyone is defending themselves. I'm just shooting left and right with my ice scythe. I saw the redhead get grabbed by a frost giant. And I could hear his painful cries. He said something about not touching these bastards. A frost giant was aiming to grab Thor, but apparently, I teleported just in time to see him turn around and see my sleeved arm get grabbed instead. I didn't feel anything. I struggled trying to get my grip off the bastard. But instead, I shot my enemy and slashed them in half. Kicking his hand off me, I checked to see a rainbow bruise forming on my arm. I turned to Thor to see him shocked and looking at my arm. "Don't flinch and you're welcome." I aimed behind his head at an incoming frost giant and shot. His head came clean off. I ran just before he could say anything. I stopped to see someone impaled on the shoulder blade . I ran to where he was and shot two giants coming to his destination. I cut off the spikes that were impaling him. I carried him with one arm while his friends came by. With my other arm, I shot the giants. "Here, he's injured. If you don't get this guy help, he's gonna die from blood loss." I handed him to the redhead. "Thank you, maiden." I nodded. The Asian guy looked behind me. "Look out!!" I turned around to see one of them aiming a shard to my head. Using my mind control, I placed my hands to my forehead, making an infinite sign and taking control of his mind. "Kill yourself." I said loud enough to let everyone hear. The giant slashed his own throat. The people were shocked. "How did you-" "Let's go and run!!" I interrupted. I ran with the three guys, the woman tagging along, and so is silvertongue. But I'm missing someone. Thor is still there, kicking the giants' asses. "What the hell is that baka doing?!?!?" I asked the guy. "He refuses to run with us." He said. "Nice to know, you're his brother?!?!" "Yes, Loki, nice to meet you." "Same to you Loki!!" And then suddenly, a monster that looked like a deformed anklesaurus began charging at us. "What the fuck it that?!?!?" "It's best if you don't know." All of a sudden, I saw thunder and came straight down. The ground started trembling. Cracks formed on the ground, and the beast sunk down with it. The injured guy laughed. But I knew better, my ears felt vibration. It's right beneath us. "Don't laugh now but that bastards beneath us!!" I shouted.

We ran to a cliff edge. It was really deep. "Heimdall!!! Open the bifrost!!!" The redhead shouted. But nothing happened. A claw dug into the ground, just a few feet away from where I stood. The thing climbed up, until it saw us and roared. It stood on two legs, and was about to crush us, but I did something reckless. Using the ice I had, my symbol glowed and ice came from my hands, aiming at its eyes. It screamed when I blinded it, but it ceased when something went through its mouth. It fell down, and I saw a hole in its mouth. Something landed in front of us, and it was Thor. He turned around to us and had a triumphant smile. I eye rolled. My ears catched a feeling. I turned slowly to see frost giants surrounding us. The leader was standing before us. My eyes were glowing and was ready to blast the bastards, when I saw a light form. I heard a horse neigh. And saw an old man in armor and spear. He looked pretty powerful. "Father!! Let's finish them together!!" Thor shouted. "Silence!" He hissed. He was kinda intimidating. I didn't listen to the conversation. I looked at my arm. The bruise was still there. I felt someone's gaze land on me. It was Thor. I didn't meet his gaze, I just pulled the hood down to cover my eyes. Next thing I knew, I felt light surround me and and getting pulled in.

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