The god of Thunder, and Hero of Gods

Let's face it. My life was almost like hell. Having your entire body exposed to a mutant ectoslime, getting indestructible limbs after an accident, and having powers almost like a god. No one really accepted me, except a few people. Maybe even this newcomer, who claims to be a god.


1. Prologue

Age 12

My friends John and Dave came running after me. "Come on you idiots, I bet you can't catch me!!!!" I taunted. "oh really? let's see you try escaping the wrath of an egbert!!!!" Hahaha!!!! I had so much fun back then. Those were probably the last times I saw them. I never realized we were running across the street. "Come on catch me guys!!!!!" Only Dave realized before we were too late.

"erika look out" "Huh??" But then, it was too late. Something spilled on me and went inside my skin. And it burned. Even my eyes feel like they were on fire. But I felt something drive through my left arm and both legs. It was unbearable. I felt like my arm was chopped off, and legs were chopped. I was losing consciousness. The last thing I saw was my mom, in her black and yellow shirt and shorts. But after that, I heard her scream, "YOU BASTARD SON OF A BULGESUCKER!!!!!" Then I lost entire control of my body. Not before hearing Dave say, " is she supposed to have rainbow paint for blood"

I woke up in a hospital. I felt like I got runover by a speeding train. For some reason, I couldn't feel my legs or arm. Mom was sleeping, but the doc came in just in time. "Ah, you're awake miss Jagger. Are you feeling alright?" I couldn't really speak. But I nodded. "Erika?" My mom said. I turned to her, and was greeted with a tight hug. "Oh thank the mirthful messiahs you're alright!!" "Mom? What happened?"

Both the doc and mom looked at me with sadness. "Ummm.... Dave told me that something spilled on you." "We don't know the substance, but it looked something close to acid mixes with some form of serum." "Yeah. He said that you were screaming, but it became louder when, oh god...." Huh? "Mom......why can't I feel my limbs???" The doctor looked away, as mom started crying. I took off the blanket. And I saw something that will always scar me.

My legs were now stumps, and there was something that looked like a liquid rainbow coming out of it. I touched my stumps. But I realized something. I only had my left arm. I looked behind at where my arm was, and there, a stump. "Oh my god." " you arm got crushed by a tire, and some shards from the tank fell on your mid- thighs, cutting it. You would've idea from blood loss and chemical exposure. But for some reason, you survived." What the hell?!?!? I could've died!?!?! "Erika, not only did you survive, but.........." Mom gave me a mirror, and I held it to my face. My blonde hair was scorched to bark brown. Those green I used to have were now blue on the left, and red on the right. The right eye had eight pupils. But not only that, fangs were protruding from my mouth, and I had hair colored dog ears.

"M-mommy?" Mom looked at me. "A-am I a freak??" She gasped then embraced me. "No honey, you're my daughter. We'll get through this I swear." I cried into my mom's shoulder. But I noticed a rainbow colored stain. "A-are those my tears??" I pointed to the stain and blood. "Unfortunately yes. The substance changed your blood color from a red to rainbow." How?? Am I gonna be okay? "But it's remarkable, you healed instantaneously!!" Mom and I looked at the doctor shocked. Now that you mentioned it, I feel better now, except that I still lost my limbs.

We left the hospital and continued back home. Mom purchased a wheelchair for me until she called one of her friends over to help me with my limbs. But ever since we came back, everyone treated me differently. The kids called me freaks and monster. Adults threatened my death, and everyone treated me like a demon. I only had John and Dave to play with me. They still treat me like family, but I sometimes have mental breakdowns from the accident. I kinda learned how to control my power. But no sooner, I got used to the fact that I'm gonna be crippled forever. That was until Mom's friend Horuss came by. He was friendly, and had a weird obsession for horses. He worked on making the prosthetics. Sooner or later, I had new metal arms and legs, and they were indestructible, like titanium mixed with another element.

But that didn't stop the verbal abuse from coming. Until when I turned 19, I moved out of my mom's house, and left for somewhere where I belong. Eventually I found a place in a desert somewhere. I only had my laptop, a few clothes, my phone, and different lensed glasses to hide my eyes. I was pretty much homeless. But I didn't really care. Every night I gaze at the stars, seeing constellations similar to the zodiac, even to some I never knew about. I named one that shaped like a trinity symbol, "Torester" cause I don't know why. I met a few people, and got the pesterlogs.

I was walking around the town, looking of anything is new. But I got tackled by someone, dropping my glasses in the process. "Sorry! I'm super sorry!" The person, sounded female. "It's fine." She helped me up. But I had to get my glasses. Too late. "Oh my." She saw my eyes, with not glasses. Now she's gonna think I'm a freak. "Wow. Look at your eyes, and those ears!!! They look so real!!" Huh? Why isn't she scared?? "Ummm... Thanks??" "Hey no need to be scared . I'm Jane Foster." She gave me her hand to shake. I took doubtfully. "Erika Jagger. Nice to meet you." She smiled. I was surprised. "Why aren't you scared of me?" "Are you kidding?? You look incredible!!! Like you came from outer space!!" I laughed. She was funny and enthusiastic. "Jane!!!" More people came by. A girl who looked like my age and a man around his forties. "Whoa, who's the cool girl??" "Darcy, be nice. My teammates Darcy and Erik." She gestured. I nodded and smiled at them. Erik looked wary of my appearance, but he seemed to accept me. Darcy looked like she was excited. "It's nice to meet you all."

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