Today was the day of the mystery date. Leah was really nervous but excited at the same time read to know what happens


1. Date

Omg today was the day of the mystery date in school. I had just realised at break it was next lesson. I ran up to my BFF and told her I had just remembered.

This is how the mystery date works. The cheerleaders would randomly pick out a name from a girls section and a boy section. They would read the name aloud and those were the ones who went on the mystery date. It might not sound that bad to you but that's not all you have to kiss in front of the whole school.

Last year it was Emma and josh. The bell had just rang for 3 period we both entered the classroom and sat down at out seats. The cheerleaders came out with two hats. I got really nervous at this point. Even the hottest boys entered to. I was excited to. The cheerleaders did the boys name like they would normally do.

They called out " Harry Styles" everybody stared at Harry. Harry looked nervous you could tell he was faking his smile. Zayn and the rest of the boys laughed and patted him on the back. They then called out the girls name. " Leah Harris" that was me. Omg it was me ! No there joking but I'm going to kiss the most hottest boy in school.

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