Life is good for Sarah: she has a caring boyfriend, she can call her best friend whenever she wants to and she's graduating from high school. But there's always an end to luck, when will that be?


2. 2.

After school we decide to go to Beau's place to celebrate our last school day. It's a cozy place, not too big, but it isn't small either. The furniture is mostly brown, the walls are also brownish, matching the furniture perfectly. It's all very "feng shui" as I call it. Harmonized, giving a feeling of peace and rest.  Beau lives with his mum and twin brothers, Luke and Jai. Yes, they are very identical, outsiders can hardly make a difference between them two, but as soon as you get to know them, the difference is obvious. I guess it's like that with almost every twin couple. Their mother, Gina, has always been very kind and welcoming towards us, always offering us something delicious to eat. She just wants to make sure we feel at home there, mi casa es su casa, as they call it.

The boys are fooling around with each other, the twins brought their friend James with them. The five of them get along real well and give each other the most ridiculous dares there are. Jai has to go on the street and kiss a random person on the street, James is dared to french kiss Lala the dog, and so on. Sam and I just laugh with them, happy we weren't stupid enough to participate. Luke has grabbed his video recorder and started recording all their dares, telling them he had the amazing idea to edit it all together and make it a video on YouTube. The other boys are fine with it and they all take turns filming each other and having fun. The dares are getting crazier and more insane every time.

About an hour later, the boys have finally finished their dare game, Beau has make up all over his face, Luke is wearing all of his clothes backwards and Daniel ate something so disgusting, you can smell him all through the house.
"Wanna give me a kiss, babe?" Daniel asks, coming closer every second. "No thanks, I'll just pass," I try to get away from him, but he's faster than I am. He locks me in his arms and gives me a kiss on my cheek. "Ew, I told you to get away from me," I shout at him, trying to pretend to be angry at him. "You know you love me," he smirks.
"Please, get a room already," Jai begs us while eating a slice of peperoni pizza we ordered after the boys decided they got hungry and had done enough dares.
Daniel and I both roll our eyes, "you're just jealous you haven't got yourself a girlfriend," Daniel snaps at him. We all laugh.

After even the crumbles of the pizza have been eaten, Luke decides to upload all the filmed footage onto his laptop and review it all. He filmed it all so well, it's almost as if he's a professional filmer or something. We laugh, we choke, especially Sam and I, and we laugh even louder. It's hilarious.
"We should do this more often," Luke suggests after finishing editing it all together and make it look like a quality film. The boys all nod, and start getting excited. "But first of all, we gotta know if people actually like our video," Luke smiles enthusiastically. There's this one tense moment, the moment between Luke pressing the upload button and YouTube progressing the video and publishing it onto the web. Beau sighs, "it's done. Now all we gotta do is wait".

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