Life is good for Sarah: she has a caring boyfriend, she can call her best friend whenever she wants to and she's graduating from high school. But there's always an end to luck, when will that be?


1. 1.

Morning beautiful, I hope you slept well last night? X


I have hardly opened my eyes and already see the message he just sent me. He does this every morning, told me he wants me to feel special. And I do, I really do.

Yes, had a wonderful dream about the two of us. How was your night? Xx

A small smile appears on my face and I drag myself out of bed. Last day of school, finally. I take a look into my closet and decide to wear dark blue skinny jeans and a Nirvana bandshirt. I put my hair into a ponytail and put a layer of mascara on my face. No need to impress anybody, right?

Once downstairs my mum starts talking about how nervous she is about my last day of school, how I'm finally going to be a college girl next year and that Daniel and I are not supposed to hang out all summer, because she wants to plan stuff with the family too. My family loves Daniel, he's charmed them the same way he charmed me a little over two years ago. He's the kind of boyfriend you just feel way too lucky to have. He's loyal, but not the golden retriever kind. He's funny, but also knows when to be serious and most exciting of all, he's kind of a daredevil. He takes literally every dare you give him, whether he has to eat dog poo or crack a watermelon with his head, it doesn't bother him at all.

I hear a car honking on the driveway and know my friend Samantha has arrived to pick me up. I give my mum a fast kiss on her cheek and walk out of the door. Samantha is the exact opposite of me: I mostly don't care about how I look, but Samantha has to look perfect all the time. I don't talk too much, she talks all the time. I'm into punkrock music, she loves to listen to those Disney singers. We have been friends since kindergarten, never left each other's side and today is our last school day together. After the summer break, we'll both go our own way, thousands of kilometers apart. It'll be tough, but we promised each other to not think about it until the moment is there.

The drive to school isn't too long and as soon as Sam parks her car in the lot, I see Daniel arrive with his friend Beau. Apparently he's seen me too, because he's already changed his direction and is walking towards us.
"Hey babe," he says as he gives me a kiss on my lips. "You ready for your last day as a high school student?" He puts his arm around me and leads us towards the entrance of our school. I sigh, "honestly, no. We've been here for the last four years of our lives, everything is gonna change after today." He looks at me, "but change doesn't have to be something bad." I smile a bit and let it be, I'm not in the mood for a pointless discussion now.

Four of the seven classes consisted of emotional teachers, each telling us how small and uncomfortable we were when we first got into their classes four years ago. Seeing teachers get emotional with their students is always something special to me. It reminds me that they're just humans, despite all the homework and shouting at us.
The other three classes were the same as the rest of the year. We had to finish some of the remaining work, because "we will get behind the rest of our future college students if we don't keep on studying throughout the summer". Yeah right.


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