Roller coaster ride ✌️

This is a story about a girl and her bestfriend at the beach for senior week, when she comes across a boy on a ride who shortly introduces her to his 4 friends, a silly boy group called the janoskians �� #janoskiansfanfic


1. The ride down

Today was the day.

"Sunglasses? Check. Bathing suit? Check. Tanning lotion? Check." She must've asked a hundred different things getting ready for the beach. every year me and one of my good friends sam, drives up to the beach, particularly for senior week, when all the seniors go to the beach for a week and party it up before college.

"Got your condoms...?" She whispers

"SAM OH MY LORD IM NOT SLEEPING WITH ANYONE HAHAHA" shes always been a trouble maker, hooking up with boys, getting drunk at parties, but she was my best friend and i loved her. Even though were totally opposites, shes a blonde, tall, thin, really funny and outgoing, and then theres me, brown hair, short, body shaped like a coke bottle, and kind of shy, but i still am funny. My names Kylie by the way, don't think i mentioned that.

"So sam how many girls are you going to drunk hookup with this week?" I say with a chuckle.

"THAT WAS ONE TIME YOU STUPID BITCH" she always gets mad when i bring up the story, last year during this time we were at a party and she was a little too intoxicated, she ended up in a room with a girl full on making out with her. Little did she know, she was making out with a girl rather then a guy.

"I hate you, you know that" looking back with a smile she hops on top of me to take a quick selfie with the caption of 'living with my bitch #live' as if we were in one of the selfie videos. As the clock strikes 9 we pack up the rest of the shit to place in the car. One thing i didn't like about riding with sam is that she is extremely hyper and doesn't know how to shut the hell up until i get tired of driving enough to shut her up.

"Please be safe, and don't get arrested, the last thing i need is a call from the police saying my daughters in the back of a police car without me" my mom was just like me, except she was 18 years older. She always knows how to have fun but never without me having fun with her.

"We will don't worry, you might not get a call, we might just have to sneak out of the police station ;)" winking back at her me and sam both ran out to the car, hurrying to leave.

"Where we going first" its a tradition, every year we go to the beach we go to Starbucks, liquor store, mall.

"Liquor store, Starbucks, mall yes?" I wanted to get everything so we could hurry up and get down to the beach.

"Sounds good to me" as we get to the liquor store, we get the vodka and head out, no, were not old enough to get it, but sams fake ID never seems to fail us.

"Next stop, white girl town" ive always loved starbucks.

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