Dreams come True

This is about a girl who has a dream to be in the spot light then she gets it with her friends in a band called "Dream Loud" she meets a sertain someone and it takes her to make a love possible to have trouble,love,courage and fandom


3. part 2

Davia's P.O.V still

Woof ๐Ÿ’ฆ finally packed anything I needed for the tour and for the make up etc.

So Leila thanks for helping me but ... Do u want to go to Starbucks ??

Leila/ umm sure we can go just let me put some flip flops on and I'll be right back

She says as she left to put on the flip flops I went downstairs to tell the other 2 girls

Girls I'm going to Starbucks want something ?

Shelly/ umm no .... But thanks for the offer

Genesis/ Shelly speak for ur self I want a hot mint tea u can get it before u come here

Okay then so.. That's all LEILA!!! HURRY UPP!!

Leila/ okay okay coming,coming gosh I couldn't find them .... *says as she comes down the stairs running*

Okay let's got bye !!!

As we leave for Starbucks I send Shelly to the line cause it's long and I just don't want to be there I just stayed out side scrolling through my iPhone but then someone passes by my and spills his drink all over my white top (witch has a black bra )

?/ oh god I'm so so sorry I didn't mean to I was just in a hurry and I just couldn't like wait sorry for ur shirt too

Mm it's okay don't worry I'll just change at home

?/ no I'll buy u a new one please it's on me

Oh well okay but I need for u to show me who u are

?/ are u sure ur not gonna freak out ? I mean I know ur a celebrity too

Sure just.... Go on ....

?/*takes off his hoodie and shows his face *

OMG ur... Ur ... Austin.... M-mahone

Austin/ yeah sorry about that hot tea on ur shirt D

Really ... It's okay now forget about that ... It's a pleasure meeting u *takes out her hand *

Austin/ pleasure is meeting u miss Davia I guess we have heard a lot of each other

Yup ur totally right ... So it was pleasure meeting u but I have to go inside

Austin/ wait don't go yet let's play 20 questions I want to get to know u

Okay then let's do it

1. What's ur favorite color

(A- austin , D -davia)

A- red and teal

D-purple and red


2.what's ur favorite desert

A- white Oreos

D- Starbucks


3.whos ur celebrity crush

A- Betty white (beny white don't remember)

D- Chris collins


30 minutes later *so long*

OMG really I didn't know that u had such a mess during robs party that's a very good story by the way

Austin/ thanks now I guess it's time to go mind if we like get each others numbers

Umm sure here * exchanges #*

Bye austin I'll text u later *waving *

Austin/ okay bye *says waving back*

A minute later of austin leaving I see Leila coming towards me

Leila/ god that line was so long finally made it so... What did u do outside ??

Well I met austin mahone even though u don't believe it

Leila/ omg really was he here with Alex ??

No now shush child we have to go home

Leila- okay just drink that tea so u can be more quiet

Hahha very funny I'm just like this ur worse

Leila/ blah blah let's go home

In the way I drinker my tea and showered so I went to bed and I said bye to the girls just to be tomorrow at noon in the airport just then a text came in

Austinsexyguy ;)

Night DC


Very cheesy austinsexyguy

Austinsexyguy :

Well thank u now rest tomorrow ur going to the airport so bye take care

Me: u too bye

After austin gave me that sweet and a little bit too cheesy but okay I put my alarm to 11:30 ,washed my teeth and headed to bed to fall Into a deep slumber ........


I hope u like this chapter just give the heart and it will help a ton thanks for reading ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜


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