Dreams come True

This is about a girl who has a dream to be in the spot light then she gets it with her friends in a band called "Dream Loud" she meets a sertain someone and it takes her to make a love possible to have trouble,love,courage and fandom


1. Introduccion

I have this fan fic that I hope u guys like but this is how it all started ...

Davia's P.O.V

So today we were recording for you tube our 12th video for us to be in the spot light for starters u might think I'm just a girl who doesn't so anything but I really do I just don't want to be in the spot light just because of the fame it's because I've had a dream that always have been like this with my friend and I hope to have a wonderful bright future in this I love music as much as I like inspiration most importantly I want my "dreams to come true "

Really hope u guys like this ad a like it helps a ton so I want to say a big thank for anyone who starts reading this story and liking it still haven't started ( most of this isn't true don't)


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