Here's To Life

Hi I'm Katie Clifford Michael Clifford's sister. Also the cheerleading captain and I'm pretty popular. I mean yeah I have to deal with getting called names like slut, whore, skank the usual but it's still hurts. Anyway this is my story and you should see what happens in my life. Enjoy


2. Demons



I woke up to the annoying sound of my alarm clock. Great reminder of the hellhole they call school. "Katie! Honey Skylar will be here soon!" Great the perfect amount of time! Note the sarcasm. I quickly picked out my outfit and hoped in the shower. After I was done I curled my blonde hair into perfect curls and put on a light layer of mascara, blush, concealer, and some lipstick. I ran downstairs and I saw my mom making breakfast and surprisingly my brother was home! "MIKEY! Your home!" I ran into his open arms and embraced him tightly. " How's my favorite sister doing? Are you dating anyone? Are you hurt?" I chuckled at his over protectiveness. "I'm fine anyway how have you been?" We talked and ate breakfast until my bestie Skylar came to pick me up. She walked in and squealed. "MICHAEL CLIFFORD IS IN YO- wait Katie, what's you last name again?" Damn! My cover's been blown. "Let's go to school Skylar come on!" I dragged her out the door before she could fan girl anymore. We arrived at school pretty early good. We walked through the doors went to our lockers which are right next to each other and went to class. Our teacher looked at us surprised like this was the first time we were here. He cleared his throat " Um miss Katie?" I looked up at him. "Yes?" He looked at his desk at Skylar then at me. "Your brother signed you out of the school starting tomorrow, you will no longer be continuing education at the building however you will be receiving online classes from miss Regina" WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. HELL. I couldn't doubt I had a stupid look on my face as students started piling in and the bell rang. I sat at my usual seat in the front and began my work. After the day was done I had my driver, Ross, drive me home and I practically stomped in the house. " MICHAEL GORDON CLIFFORD" I yelled at the top of my lungs. He came down in a rush with a concerned look on his face. "Yes? Katie are you okay? What happ-" I cut him off "Don't act like you don't know. Why did you sign me out? I mean hell yeah but I have Regina as my new teacher and what else can go wrong!" I sent him the most intimidating glare but he knew I still loved him I mean he's been gone for 5 years. "Well I thought you know you might wanna move in with me, and quite possibly go on tour... With me?" He said in the cutest little voice ever. What a pussy. Of course I wanted to go with him but.. Like my life was here. Not like I had a choice though I mean he signed me out already and it will take years to get back into that school. " Okay of course you little pussy." He smiled and hugged me and resumed whatever he was doing upstairs. I love him. My Demons are close to freedom so Luke Ashton And Calum watch out.

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