The College Student

She's been through high school now it's time for College, Bella the smart girl who shares a room with the college player Dean, after the college told everyone that there will be a change in roommates, she lost her best friend to a guy she really likes, he shares a room with her if you didn't know what I meant.

What she doesn't know, he likes her back but when his brother Luke is partnered with her in music and they spend all summer together, what will he think?

Bella meets the boys one by one at different days and different events, but she saved the special someone till last.


5. Guy number 5, I go to a college party

We finished watching Supernatural at 10:30pm since that was curfew on class nights, Jai walked me to my room, Dean was sleeping in another girls bed tonight. I invited Jai in before he left but we had nothing to say to each other except 'Hi', I told Jai he should go to bed since he has class in the morning, he agreed and hugged me good night.

"Urghhh Bella why do you do this to yourself? Why do you love someone who has a girlfriend, urhhh stupid!" I mentally told myself while slamming my whole body onto the bed. My room door was swung open by Dean.

"Sorry Bella but, you're sleeping with Luke tonight" Dean said shoving me out.

"Luke but I don't kno-" 15 door number 15, he knew this would happen, smart ass. I dragged my feet to Lukes room, wait I don't have any bed clothes, I ain't going in there now. I slowly came to Luke's door and knocked slightly, I heard a come in so I did, oh god not another one. Yep another shirtless Brooks, its bad that he's Jai's twin. I found myself staring, his where a little different to Jai's I don't know how but they just where.

"Like what you see Bella" Luke stopped me while I was comparing the two, I shook my head slightly

"Ermm I'm sorry" I walked to the other bed

"Oh I wouldn't sleep there, they kinda you know before going to your place" Luke told me, eww that's disgusting.

"Well where will I sleep?" I asked him

"My bed, don't worry I will sleep on the floor with this little blanket" Luke held out a 'Hello kitty' blanket while smiling, I laughed and called him a little girl and he laughed at my joke.

"I will leave while you get change for bed then" Luke said about to leave the room.

"Actually I didn't have time to get any sooo" I stopped Luke in his tracks and he turned around

"Oh urmmm, okay, here" Luke looked through his shirts "Here, my favourite shirt" Luke handed me a cute Marvel t-shirt

"You can stay in the room, just turn around" I told him, he smiled and turned around. I took off my boots, my pants and my shirt.

"No peeking either" I heard a giggle from Luke

"Too late, Bella" I slapped him on the arm before I put on the shirt, I heard Luke say ouch when I hit him.

"You can turn around now Luke" He turned around and smirked at me


"nothing it's just that, that shirts quite thin so you can see your underwear" Luke smiled showing his dimples, that lipring really suits him.

"Oh god, I don't care actually" I smiled and went to get in Lukes bed

"your underwear is black? you still don't care, you know its harder for me not to jump in that bed with you Bella" Luke smiled before kissing me on the cheek.

"What was that for?"

"good night kiss" Luke smiled

"oh alright night Luke" I said before I turned around to sleep

"Wait wheres my good night kiss?" Luke said standing above me.

"come here then" Luke came closer giving me his cheek to kiss, as I came to kiss him he turned his head and kissed my lips. My heart stopped, I kissed him back, his lipring was so cold but it turned me on.

Luke let go and gave me a cheeky smile and a wink, he turned the light off and laid on the floor with his Hello kitty blanket, I felt really bad taking his bed but I didn't want to sleep on the floor.

"Luke" I whispered "Yeah Bella?"

"you can sleep in here with me or I can sleep on the floor with you" I smiled, as I felt Lukes warm body slide in next to mine, I moved over for him. Lukes arm wrapped around my side as he cuddle up to me, he was cold so I cuddled into him. I felt Lukes breath on the back of my neck, warm, it was sexy.

"You know Bella there's a party Saturday for Summer, wanna come? " Luke whispered into my ear

"I would love to Luke" I whispered back, Luke kissed my shoulder and we fell asleep perfectly.

-Skip to Saturday-

Since that night me and Luke have been really close, like best friends but I dont know Jai has hardly said a word to me since the kiss, I fell for Luke easily but I'm not sure yet. Luke has took me out on a few 'dates' as he calls it but I've told him I'm not ready for dating someone, not until I know how I feel. Its between Jai and Luke, omg why I need Beau, he understands me.

I woke up, got ready for the gym and headed down, meeting Beau half way. He smiled at me but I just nudged him off, he whispered sorry and opened up the gym door saying ladies first as I walk in he questions me.

"Alright Bella what's wrong with you?" Beau said slamming the door shut, I turned around to face him.

"I don't know, I-I-I I just don't know how I feel at the momemt" I hughed Beau and cried into his chest, he had his hand on my head rubbing it

"Oh my baby girl is this between Luke and Jai?" Beau asked while wiping my tears

"Yes, I just can't, I've always had feelings for Jai. Then he kissed me and I fell for him more, then Luke came along and he was all sweet and kind, Jai stopped talking to me properly ever since the kiss" I cried more into Beau

"Right Bella we are gonna go shopping, I am taking you shopping we can look for a dress for the party tonight, take your mind off thing. We can skip gym for a day" Beau is so kind he's my best friend and thats all me and Beau are.

I took a shower, brushed my teeth and clothed myself, I put on my light blue jeans and a plain white crop top, I had my hair in a messy bun. I took my car keys from the side slipped on my white converse and opened the door to Beau who was about to knock, he smiled and entered, we woke up Dean with all the noise but he didn't care he just talked to Beau. I took my phone and placed it in my pocket along with my purse.

"Ready then beautiful" Beau asked, I smiled and nodded yes.

Me and Beau walked out the door, down the stairs and to the car park, Beau wanted to drive so I let him. Roughly about half an hour we was there, it's fun being in the car with Beau because we where just singing one direction songs with the window down and music on full blast, its early in the morning as well.

Beau took me into Victoria's Secret, oh god, Beau looked at some and pulled out a pink one placed it against me and shook his head no, next one was blue, but he said too light. The last one was black with red roses, he placed it against me and nodded yes, that's the right one. Beau asked me my size.

"36C" I coughed and looked the other way, Beau grabbed my size and paid, how can he be so confident.

Beau dragged me into many shops to find the perfect dress and he couldn't, it was around 6 and the party starts at half 8. The last shop we went in had 'The Dress' as Beau said, it was Black and showed my curves, it had two netted slits where my boobs where but you couldn't see much. I quite liked it so Beau paid again, this boy spoils me and we found the perfect heels to go with it, Beau said my nice brown tan was fine so I didn't need any tights.

On the way home Beau insisted he'd do my hair and he will talk to Britney about doing my makeup. It was half 7 by the time we got back and we ran straight to our rooms, I showered and dressed putting on the underwear, the dress then the shoes, all in the bathroom. My hair was still wet when Beau came in with Britney.

"Bella I'm really sorry about last week, I was just pissed that my boyfriend Sam cheated on me" Britney almost cried, I told her it was okay and that I forgive her.

"So Beau told me your problem, I can see why you like them" She smiled, taking me to the mirror near the door where I sat on a chair. Beau started to dry my hair which didn't take long.

"Dont worry Beau won't mess up your hair, he did mine" I took a look at Britney's hair as she turned to show me, wow that's amazing. Her hair was in a bun but not a normal one it was like little curls that made a perfect bun, it was amazing, her hair was shiny too.

Beau worked with my hair while Britney did my makeup, not long after it was done, Beau curled my hair loosly with it half up and half down. My hair was perfectly curled, it looked great, I took a look after Britney finished my makeup and damn I look good.

"Lets go girlys" Beau said as me and Britney took his arms and made our way to the party, I walked in, Jai's eyes never left me nor did Lukes. Britney grabbed my hand and took me to the drinks where she whispered "You gotta play hard to get" I nodded and took my drink, Britney introduced me to her friends and to some guys who kissed my hand some my cheek. A guy named Daniel who I was introduced by Beau, he told me he set the whole party up. I saw Jai looking over at me while talking to a guy, then I saw Luke picking up a girl, you go Luke pull her.

An hour before the party was over only a few of us remain, me, Britney, Luke, James, Dean, Daniel, Jai and Beau. We where in Daniels room playing truth or dare, Luke span the bottle, James truth or dare.

"Truth" James said smiling

"Okay, is it true you have a crush on Britney?" Luke asked

"Yeah, it is" James smiled at Britney who blushed

Everyone awwed, James span the bottle, Beau truth or dare?

"Dare bitches" Beau laughed

"I dare you to kiss the prettiest person in the room" Beau looked around and kissed Daniel everyone laughed.

"I'm joking" Beau came to me and kissed me then he kissed Britney.

"They are both as beautiful as each other"

Me and Britney looked at each other and smiled, Beau span the bottle,  Jai truth or dare?

"I will go for a dare" Jai smiled

"Alright I dare you to go to Bella's room and do 7 minutes in heaven with her" Beau winked at me, we where all drunk so I took a shot.

"Alright then lets go Bella" Jai winked at me and took my hand, we made our way to my room which was not far from there. Jai shut the door and locked it, we kissed, man I've missed these lips.

-Sunday morning-

I woke up naked next to a naked Jai, we where cuddled up wrapped around each other, I looked up and Jai opened his eyes.

"Good morning gorgeous" Jai moaned in his sexy morning voice

"Good morning handsome" I replied, Jai kissed me on the lips

"Bella, I broke up with her ages ago, I just didn't want to make things awkward between us" I smiled at Jai, he had the biggest smile on his face.

"I love you Bella" he said with love in his voice, while playing with my hair

"I love you too Jai" I replied kissing him, my life is great, I have amazing, funny friends, a lovely guy best friend and a hot hunky guy in bed with me.

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