The College Student

She's been through high school now it's time for College, Bella the smart girl who shares a room with the college player Dean, after the college told everyone that there will be a change in roommates, she lost her best friend to a guy she really likes, he shares a room with her if you didn't know what I meant.

What she doesn't know, he likes her back but when his brother Luke is partnered with her in music and they spend all summer together, what will he think?

Bella meets the boys one by one at different days and different events, but she saved the special someone till last.


4. Guy number 4, movie night with them

That night I could'nt stop thinking about the day out with Jai, I layed in bed with my eyes open, i was facing the ceiling my arms at the side of me and my legs straight. I took a deep breath and looked at the clock, 12:32 I wasnt tired at all, its Sunday tomorrow so I dont really care. The sound of snoring came through my left ear, I turn to my left to see a snoring Dean, great now I'm never going to get any sleep with this racket. My phone which was under my pillow on charge buzzed, I checked my phone and it was a message from Jai. How did he get my number?

'Hey its Jai, I can't stop thinking about today, you've made me so happy <3' - Jai <3

I smiled at the text as I imagined an image of Jai smiling at the ceiling just like me, I wasnt going to leave him without a message back, he's going think I'm not into him. I'm so into him.

'Well good morning Jai, it is 1 o'clock what are you doing up after curfew mister? <3' -Bella

I instantly recieve a message

'I am thinking about you, please tell me !'m not the only one staring at the ceiling thinking about today and mentally smiling at myself <3 ' - Jai <3

Hes thinking about me, my heart sank, I felt the tingling sensation in my hand again from Jai.

'Sadly I have to say no Jai, you are not the only one staring at the celing thinking about today. I have a snoring Dean thats keeping me awake <3 ' - Bella

' good ;) <3 ' -Jai <3

'whats good? <3 '- Bella

Jai didn't text back but seconds later I heard a small knock on the door, I slowly got up and walked to the door, I felt like I was in a horror movie. My finger tips reached the door handle as I turned it around then pulled the door open, I saw his perfectly sculptured abs, for a minute I thought about touching them but instead I looked up to see Jai in tears. Nope I'm in a heart-breaking romance movie.

"Jai? Whats wrong?" He looked so sad, what or even who has made this boy so upset?

"Bella, I'm so sorry for coming to you with all my problems but, you're the only one who will listen" Jai sadly looked down at his feet, I took my right hand and lifted Jai's chin up with it. I didn't want to move my hand then Jai took it and placed it on his cheek.

"I'm in love with you Bella" Was the last words I heard before Jai's lips where placed on mine, his lips where so soft and delicate, he kissed me rougly yet his taste was delicious. How can something so rough taste so nice? He even smelt good, mmm god this is making me melt. Wait is this normal should I seriously be smelling how good he smells? I dont know? oh well I dont care. It was then I realised what Jai said before kissing me 'I'm in love with you Bella' kept playing inside my head. Jai let go and smiled, I smiled back.

"I'm sorry, ermm, god I didn't mean to do that" Jai whiped his tears away "Forget about what I said, I was being stupid, I mean I meant what I said but if you don't lov-" I kissed him and he kissed me back, I couldn't stand Jai upset, but why was he upset? Wait I've just realised he has a girlfriend. I still carried on kissing Jai, his hands trailed up my sides to my head where he played with my hair. I slowly moved my hands to his shoulders and down his chest to his abs, tracing the lines then back up to his neck. For the last time Jai let go and hugged me, he said hes goning to go to bed before we get caught, I agreed and went to bed.

-Next Day-

I woke up to my alarm clock, oh what the heck its Sunday, so I got up got my gym clothes on and brushed my hair into a pony. There was a knock on my door, I told him to come him and by him I mean Beau.

"So you ready girl?" Beau asked

"I sure am girlll" Beau laughed as I took a bottle of water and headed to the gym with Beau.

We was walking down the hall way when Beau asked me a question.

"So, ermm, Jai told me about last night. You know he has a girlfriend don't ya? "

"Yeah, I do" my voice broke a little

"Oh I'm sorry, you must really like him then? " I nodded as we entered the gym, I reached my hand to enter but Beau stopped me.

"How about we take this outside? Who ever reaches Mcdonalds first, the other buys" Beau smiled and he had a look of victory in his eyes

"Your on Brooks" I said as we set out side, Luke came out  to ready us.

"Ready guys?" Luke said, we both said yes

"READY! SET! GOOOOOOOOO!" Luke yelled waving a green flag

I pushed off with my foot, its a good thing I decided to wear short instead, I would of been buring with joggers on in this weather, which would of slowed me down a bit. About five minutes in I could see Beau pass me, oh damnit. I gotta catch up, free mackies I gotta win. I was about half way when I caught up to Beau, for atleast another 5 minutes we where competeing on whos gonna over take the other, until I saw Beau slow abit as he took a sip of his bottle and I carried on. I could go on for another half an hour, but I didn't need to because I was about 7 minutes away, I decided to take a sip of my bottle and carry on.

6 minutes went by and I could see the finish line, YES FREE MACKIES WILL BE MINE, I ran my full speed and I saw Jai at the end with someone else. He was smiling as I reached Mcdonals doors, I came to a stop and I was panting, I sipped more of my water and about 3 minutes later Beau came to a stop as his face dropped and saw me at the doors.

"Damnit Bella, you're fast" Beau had his hands on his knees panting for air, everyone was laughing then Beau dropped to the floor to lie down, he poured water all over his face to cool down.

"yeah I know, now if I'm not correct you owe me a Mcdoanlds" I smiled helping Beau up back on his feet.

"yep lets go guys" We all enterd Mcdonalds with me and Beau all sweaty, Jai kept looking over at me as Luke noticed he grabbed Jai and took him to sit down as me and Beau went to the front to order.

-Movie room-

I'm washed and my teeth are brushed, my hair is dry and i'm wearing black jeans with my Nirvana tank top which is a mens tee, I placed on my boots and tied my hair half up half down, with loose curls at the bottom. Not long after Jai showed up and I let him in while I got my phone.

"Get Supernatural while we're here, the guys said they want to watch it as well" Jai said looking at my shirt "cool shirt by the way" Jai smiled and shown me his Nirvana shirt that hes wearing, we had the same idea in shirts.

I thanked him and grabbed season 1, 2 and 3 of Supernatural and walked out the door with Jai behind me. We reached the movie room as the guys whistled at me, I rolled my eyes as Beau introduced me to James. Hes a really nice guy, who new? hmm I really judged these guys before knowing them.

"So I heard we're watching Supernatural, I love Supernatural" James said, I was surprised that James has seen it before

"Yeah its right here, season 1,2 and 3, I love it too " I shown James the box sets as we entered the movie room.

I looked around and noticed its just me and the lads, me, Jai, James, Beau, Luke and Dean. Dean smiled at me as we walked in, it was a genuine smile and not the flirty type. I placed in Season 1 and played episode 1, I decided to sit next to James because we had much in common about Supernatural. I looked over at Jai who was watching me, I mouthed 'what' he smiled and mouthed 'I didnt say anything' I bit my lip 'Why are you looking at me like that?' He tilted his head a little to look at me properly, then he raised his eye brows and mouthed 'because you're beautiful' I rolled my eyes and mouthed ' Well done on the fault in our stars quote' we laughed and carried on with Supernatural.

A whisper went through my right ear, "So you and Jai, you a thing? I know you like eachother" I turned to James and whispered "No, he has a girlfriend, we're just friends" James smiled and whispered "Oh yeah but, he totally loves you, hes none stop talking about you" I smiled to myself and watched the rest of superntural.

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