The College Student

She's been through high school now it's time for College, Bella the smart girl who shares a room with the college player Dean, after the college told everyone that there will be a change in roommates, she lost her best friend to a guy she really likes, he shares a room with her if you didn't know what I meant.

What she doesn't know, he likes her back but when his brother Luke is partnered with her in music and they spend all summer together, what will he think?

Bella meets the boys one by one at different days and different events, but she saved the special someone till last.


3. Guy number 3, I thank him

My heart raced as I reached door number 21, oh god what am I doing, I go to knock but the door opened. I came face to face with him, he smiled down at me as I dropped my arm, I looked up to face to twin of Luke.

"Jai I was wondering if you would like t-" I was cut off by the sexy voice from Jais mouth.

"Yeah! *cough* ermm yeah sure, I would love to" Jai smiled and acted cool, leaning on the door frame.

"You didn't let me finish, what if I was going  to ask to murder you or something" I laughed joking, he smiled, he has a very  attractive unique smile.

"Hmm, yeah well I know you and you wouldn't, and why would you ask to murder me. So where we going" Jai said laughing while taking his leather jacket putting it on and placing his phone and wallet in his pocket.

"Well yeah but, oh shut up Jai anyway I was thinking the fair, not on a date or anything just to thank you" I smiled holding my keys in my hand, I offered Jai to drive as he took my keys and agreed with the driving arrangements.

"Of course not, means I'd have to pay for everything, which I really don't mind doing, for you" Jai winked and smiled, we started walking down the hall way to the stairs, Jai took my hand as we got to the door. Next minute I'm flung over his shoulder with his hand on my butt, I could feel him walking then studdenly im in his arms bridal style. I looked at Jai comfused.

"What? I'm not going to let a lovely lady walk down a lot of steps" Jai smiled and hit another set of stairs.

"Jai where only two sets of steps down to the ground floor, I have legs so I can walk" I told Jai, I thought it was cute though.

"Well we're here now so I'll put you down" Jai placed my legs on the floor, I missed his touch, I had tingling in my legs and back, my hand was the worst for the tingling sensation I grieved for his touch again.

We got to my car where Jai took the drivers seat while I got shotgun, Jai complimented my impala and drove to the destination. 5 minutes went by, we where silent throughout the rest of the car ride. We got to the fair, Jais eyes lit up, I could tell he couldn't wait.

"lets go then Bella" Jai took my hand and we ran to the front to pay in.

I paid for both me and Jai as I insisted on since it was me who is thanking him, Jai ruffled his hair as we entered, a big wheel in front of us. The lights weren't on ye as it wasn't dark out, we decided to go on this big wheel, to see afar. The man asked how many and Jai replied with two, he let us in as Jai held my hand, helping me in then getting in his self next to me. I still had that tingling sensation in my hand and now in my left leg, as both of our legs where close Jai must of sat really close to me, neither of us pulled away. I really didn't want to either.

We've been here for a good few hours and we've had a really good time, Jai couldn't stop smiling the whole time which made me smile.

"Come on Bella I want to win you something" Jai smiled big and took my hand again to the 'Win a prize'.

"Well done sir you have won a big teddy bear, which one would you like?" the lovely woman said

"Which one Bella?" Jai looked at me, I looked around and I swear I saw a castiel teddy so I asked.

"Is that Castiel from Supernatural?" I asked the woman, she said yes and I asked for that one.

"Supernatural?" Jai questioned

"yes, its a series, we shall watch it together" I smiled hugging my Castiel teddy.

"So hes an angel?" Jai asked, I nodded and we headed back to our dorm rooms.

~My Room~

" Bella I have had a lovely time tonight" Jai smiled, I smiled back and hugged him

"So I was wondering me and the boys where gonna watch a movie in the movie room, if you wanna come, we can watch, ermmm Supernatural?" Jai remembered nawww, I really love this guy.

"I would love to" I gave Jai a kiss on the cheek good night, after he told me he will be coming here to pick me up so we can go down to the movie room together.

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