The College Student

She's been through high school now it's time for College, Bella the smart girl who shares a room with the college player Dean, after the college told everyone that there will be a change in roommates, she lost her best friend to a guy she really likes, he shares a room with her if you didn't know what I meant.

What she doesn't know, he likes her back but when his brother Luke is partnered with her in music and they spend all summer together, what will he think?

Bella meets the boys one by one at different days and different events, but she saved the special someone till last.


2. Guy number 2, our gym challenge

I was awaken by Dean's alarm clock, which I didn't know existed until now. The song 'A Love Like War' By All Time Low ft. Vic Fuentes played, a song that I really didn't mind because I love All Time Low. I checked the time 4:30, I rubbed my eyes and looked over to a shirtless Dean. I've seen it all before so I turned around and asked Dean why is he getting up this early, he replied with a simple, "Can't tell you". I wasn't really bothered, he never really told me anything anyway. Since I was fully awake I decided to head to the college gym where I work out.

I put on joggers and a tank top, placed on my weight lifting gloves, tied my hair in a pony tail and slipped on my running shoes. I took a water bottle from the fridge which are actually Dean's, but he doesn't mind because he hardly drinks them. I headed to the gym, the first thing I did was sit ups, press ups, squats, then I went to the treadmill. I took a slow and easy pace at first and gradually sped up, the door opened, oh god not another one of his friends. I carried on with what I was doing, at this point I was jogging, the guy came on the treadmill next to me. Oh please don't talk to me, please don't talk to me. I mentally said in my head.

"Hey, I'm Beau" Beau smiled while taking a walking pace, I turned my pace down to walking, so I could speak.

"Hi, I'm Bella" I replied, my breathing was normal as I run a lot and I wasn't jogging for long.

"Wait, your Dean's roommate, man he goes on about you" Beau laughed

"What?" I replied questioning him

"Oh, no nothing bad. Just how your really good with computers, oh that reminds me. Can you take a look at mine? I've asked Luke but he can't find the problem" Beau asked smiling

"Sure, I'll swing by when I'm free" I said smiling back, trying to remember who Luke was. I looked at the pace he was doing, just 10, I laughed.

"Is that a challenge Bella" Beau winked, I put my ear phones in, as did Beau and we both set the pace high both at the same. Who could last longer?

After 10 minutes I could see Beau getting a bit tired, he looked over to me and he smiled showing his perfect white teeth, "No sweat" he said and carried on running, I laughed and so did Beau. Not long after I got tired and I could see Beau get even more tired than he was before, he couldn't go on anymore so I decided to stop "BEEP!!!" my treadmill stopped, I knew he wasn't going to stop until he won. He looked at me, stopped and smiled.

"I won wooo" Beau laughed between breaths and looked at me "Why did you stop? You could of gone on longer" He panted with his hands on his knees trying to get his breath back.

"You wasn't going stop until you won so, I didn't want you to hurt yourself" I replied honestly

Beau laughed, we both drank out of our water bottles, we where sweaty and I really wanted to take a shower. I headed to the weights as did Beau, now he is a lot stronger than me. After a few minutes we decided to go back to our rooms and shower before I go to Beaus room.

"Same time tomorrow?" Beau asked, I nodded and headed to my room to shower.


After my shower I placed my acid washed out jeans and my AC/DC band shirt. I had black boots and my hair was down and wavy, I have a fringe to my left. Before you ask, no I'm not emo or anything, I'm my normal weird self. I brushed my teeth and ate a sandwich for breakfast, I grabbed my car keys and headed to Beau's room which wasn't far from mine. It took roughly 5 minutes to walk to Beau's room where a girl with long blonde hair opened up, she wore a tarty red dress and piles of makeup. That's something I don't wear, makeup only for special occasions.

"Oh the slut that's partnered up with my Lukey in music, what do you want? " she snatched at me, God she's a given I joked in my head.

"I'm here for Beau" I said nicely keeping back my anger.

"Oh so you've had Luke now your moving on to his brother, urhh what a slag" What? Is she really serious, oh I could punch her right now.

"Ermmm I don't like Luke and I'm only here to fix Beau's laptop" I was getting so impatient with her, Beau rushed to the door and saved me the long conversation with this Britney bitch.

See what I did there :P

"Britney, it's fine I've been waiting for her" Beau smiled and let me in, WOW this room is a mess.

"Yeah yeah okay, I'm going out bye Beau" she kissed Beau on the cheek and walked out, Beau wiped his face, I gave him a tissue from my pocket. I keep tissues just in case, anyway he thanked me and handed me his laptop.

"So ermm, I have no idea whats wrong with it but the screen keeps crashing" Beau said scratching his head.

"Properly because you don't know how to keep your laptop clean, never mind this mess" I joked, pointing at the messy room. I wiped his laptop from all the crap downloaded.

"Oh yeah sorry about that, messy boy, messy room. Britney doesn't really care anyway" Yeah I can see that, I thought.

After wiping Beaus laptop clear from downloads and stuff, I found that his graphics wasn't good so I took his graphics box out and we walked to the kitchen downstairs, I then placed it in the over.

"Erm what are you doing?" Beau looked worried

"Dont worry its fine" I added and smiled but Beau didn't look comfortable.

I took the graphics box out and headed upstairs, I just warmed it up. I placed it back in and Beau looked at me confused so I typed in cokeandpopcorn supernatural and showed him the graphics.

"Wow that's amazing will it stay like that?" Beau questioned

"No, every 3 months warm it up and your graphics will me amazing" I smiled handing Beau his laptop and headed for the door since I was done here.

"Wait, thank you. So ermm wanna hang out again" Beau asked me with a smile

"We're already gym buddies, what more do you want" I laughed "sure any time" I smiled and headed to Jais room, I wanted to take him out to thank him for respecting my education.

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