The College Student

She's been through high school now it's time for College, Bella the smart girl who shares a room with the college player Dean, after the college told everyone that there will be a change in roommates, she lost her best friend to a guy she really likes, he shares a room with her if you didn't know what I meant.

What she doesn't know, he likes her back but when his brother Luke is partnered with her in music and they spend all summer together, what will he think?

Bella meets the boys one by one at different days and different events, but she saved the special someone till last.


1. Guy number 1, music just got more fun

So this is my life, waking up at 6, I do my normal morning routine, which my roommate Dean hates. Yes Dean is a guy, the college decided to change this year, we where all sat in a room, a girls name and a boys name was called out and they had to share a room, my roommate was a total jerk, yeah, he takes any girl and never talks to them again. He's the college player.

The only other people I hate more than Dean was his friends, they come here mostly every night while I'm studying. I have never ever spoke to any of them except to only nice one, Jai, he's the one that makes everyone be quiet while I'm studying, I haven't really had a conversation with him except we signal each other. If the boys get on my nerves I will look over to Jai and he'd smile and ask the boys to quiet or say it's time to leave.

My life completely change when Jai came up to me one day asking if I could help him study, I agreed but I dont know why because my best friend was his roommate, She's smarter than me. So why did he ask me? I didn't really care, I get to see my bestie.

"So Bella, ermm swing by my room at say 7 ish" Jai asked nervously

"Sure, 7 ish" I smiled at Jai, I dont know why he was so nervous it should be me who's nervous not him.

"ermm I will see you then, cool shirt by the way" Jai pointed at my shirt and left

"cool shirt" I whispered "my shirts plain white" I carried on and walked to the music department.


I walked into my music room and today is the day we partner up, the only other person I knew was Luke. So, I sat down as I chose my spot 6 months ago, 3rd row on the right. I took my seat next to the window and started writing some new lyrics, a figure blocked my light I looked up and noticed it was Luke.

"Hey Bella, now something tells me that you're a song writer" Luke smiled for the first time, I acknowledge his flawless features.

"Ermm yeah, I am, now Luke what tells you that I am" I laughed and smiled back.

"Oh I don't know, maybe its your amazing way with lyrics thats on that paper wrote in lovely fancy handwriting" Luke laughed and took the paper, I didnt mind because hes really nice when its just you and him.

"Wow" Luke leaned against the table next to me "This is really good and I think I have the perfect chords for them" Luke smiled as he handed me my lyrics.

I thanked Luke and he went to take his seat, the class filled quickly as Luke kept looking over to me. A note was placed on my table, it had my name written all fancy like, I looked over to Luke who smirked. I opened the note, hmm weird, what could this be.

' ||| || ||| || | |||| ♥ '

What? I looked carefully at the note, wait is he communicating with table numbers? 3 2 3 2 1 4, lets see 1 2 2 3 3 4, no thats not it, wait 32 32 14, god damnit no. I looked at the teacher then to Luke, he smirked because he knew I couldn't figure it out. I took one last look, wait I've been doing this all wrong, its marked in a table numbers and what do you do with table number? you add them then time by how many they are. 3+2=5 3+2=5 1+4=5, 555, 3 sets of 5, 3×5=15, room 15. This is his door number, I smiled and looked at Luke his smirk was wiped off, when I retured the note with.

'What a way to ask a girl out to your dorm room ♥'

He smirked and placed the note in his pocket, I turned my attention to the teacher. Mr Dawson, he's a drummer and a really cool teacher. He reminded us that today was partner up day, he politely asked the class if anyone knows who they want to partner up with, no ones hand went up then I heard Lukes name being called out.

"I would like to pick Bella, as my partner" Luke looked at me and winked, the girls in the class all snarled at me. Luke was the class hotty, which never really interested me.

"Is that fine with you, Bella?" I nodded, Luke came and sat next to me, Mr Dawson picked everybody else's partner. Luke smiled at me showing his dimples, I noticed he was chewing gum. The teacher sent us on our task, to produce a song by the end of summer which was coming up shortly. Luke offered me gum, I took it because I told myself this is gonna be a long, long, long summer with Luke.

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