My journal

This is a journal of all the crazy, weird, insane things that happen in my life. This is a place for mre to be me and express myself. If you dont like taht im expressing myself then dont read this but i am choosing to share my life with you and if you dont like that then you dont have to read it but please no hate i will update this often bc this is not like one of my other books that i can get writers block on this is my life


2. 10/01/14


ok so we would be there if people would move-.-

But anyways hey peoples so im going to a 1D concert and it starts at 7:00 and its already 5:47 in georgia time so ya

I havent been updating bc i have low grades and my dad took my phone so this might b the last update for a while or at least until i get my grades up i only have my phone back for today so i can video the concert and then my dad is taking it back and idk where hes putting it and i forgot my password to this and my email account so i cant get into either on the computer so if i knew either of them i would update again but i dont so bye my beautiful unicorns and remember that u r always beautiful and loved

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