My boyfriend Luke Hemmings, Yes, the one in 5 Seconds Of Summer Luke Hemmings, were in an accident and he saved me. He woke up from a coma with amnesia. I am trying to bring him back, I don't know if I can though.


2. Blake?

Blake's POV

When we were outside, in the front of the hospital, I broke down in tears. He may not remember anything because of me. He saved me and not himself. Ashton was the first to notice I was on my knees crying so he ran over. He hugged me. "What's wrong?" He asked. "Luke doesn't and may never remember everything we have done and been through, he doesn't remember us and he doesn't remember you guys. He doesn't remember he is a singer and he doesn't remember all of the fans. What are we going to do?" Ashton shrugged.

When I got home. My I told my parents what happened. "I'm sorry Blake" my mom said. "It's fine, I mean, he might regain his memory back right?" "It is a possibility but try not to get your hopes up to much okay?" I nodded. My mom kissed my forehead and I climbed the stairs and into my bedroom. I flipped on my laptop and people were posting pictures of Ashton and me hugging. Uh oh. I decided to tweet to set things strait. 'Guys, I am not dating Ashton. Please stop saying I am' I immediately got thousands of retweets and favourites. I got comments saying 'I told you!' And 'good, I thought you were a cheater'. I closed my laptop and took a quick shower. I got a message from Luke once I got out and changed.

'Luke: please come to the hospital. It's urgent'

'Luke: Blake, please come. Now.'

And more messages. I ran out of the room and out of the house. I was happy that I was wearing a white tank top and leggings. Since my house was in town it was a 5 minute run to the hospital. When I got inside I ran / slid down the hospital hallway and into his room. Luke was sitting wide-eyed and hyperventilating. "Oh my god Luke! Are you okay?" I started to call for the doctor. Many doctors and nurses came running in and some started pushing me out. It all happened so fast. I felt my face get hot and tears start to run down my cheeks. Sliding down the wall outside of Luke's room, more tears kept falling. I stayed in that hallway for the rest of the night. When I woke up, Luke was sleeping in the hallway beside me. I shook him awake, "Luke? What happened? Why are you out here?" "The doctor ran a few more tests. And said it was a panic attack and minor seizure so he said I could leave once the tests were done. Oh, ya, he told me to give you this" he gave me a note.

Dear Blake,

I have let Luke out of the hospital and instructed him to stay near you for a bit, or at least he can get on his feet again. I hope that's not too much trouble. When Luke was done his tests, he was supposed to rest but refused unless you were there so we sent him out into the hall with you. He fell straight asleep so thank you for staying.

Please bring Luke back every 4 months for a check up. To see if everything is normal with him.


Dr. Bern

I'm happy Luke is able to leave, it's good for him to get out after what happened. "Let's go!!" He smiled. I laughed as he started to run out of the hospital and I ran after him.

Luke's POV

I haven't been outside in a long time. I forgot what it felt like. Blake took my hand and started to run. I ran with her but she is fast. Was she always fast or am I just slow? I was about to ask her why until I saw a whole bunch of girls run in our direction. What is happening. One girl grabbed my arm and pulled me away from Blake. She turned around and ran into the girl's arm. The girl let go and Blake told me to run. She stayed back a but but eventually started to run again. She took me to a large house. "It's yours" she said really out-of-breath. We walked inside and it was really quiet. Blake just stood in the doorway letting me explore my house. I turned around and she was gone. I could still smell her perfume. "Blake?"


Ooooooh, I'm excited about what you guys will think of the next chapter. I'm thinking of putting A/N's at the end of each chapter so you know it's the end. I'm trying to make these chapters as long as possible. Okay! Thanks for reading! ♥︎

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