They threw away their old lives to live normal, free ones, but what happens when Luke is seen on CCTV killing someone? Will he choose to hunt the supernatural forces again? Or will he go to jail over something he didn't do?

They were all hunters, no not animal hunters, they hunted supernatural things such as:
Unrested Ghosts

Their lives where pretty hard, however with 5 Australian boys that have saved the Brooks brothers mum, from a supernatural force known as a Demon, will they ever go back to that life putting their loved ones in danger?


2. What are you?

We drove for hours down the long rode's of Kansas, I sang along to carryon my wayward son, while Beau looked up where the CCTV was taken. Soon after Beau discovered it was in a shop, Walmart to be exact so we took a drive down there.

"Carryon my wayward son, there'll be peace when you are done, lay your weary head to rest, don't you cry no more. du dum once I rose above the noise and confusion-"

"Dude, shut up" Beau said slapping my arm

I shifted and whispered 'ouch', Beau looked over and rolled his eyes while whispering 'wimp' I inhaled "so, have you found anything yet, what this could be" I asked Beau as he shut his laptop and ruffled his hair

"only thing it can be, a Shape shifter, one who can formed into another human" Beau replied

"Where nearly there anyway, so get your badge ready and load your gun! remember silver bullet to the heart or head can kill a shape shifter" I reminded Beau as we pulled into the car park.

"I know Luke, it may of been along time but, I still remember the good old days" Beau smiled getting out of the impala. I smiled back at Beau as I thought,

'The good old days' so Beau must really miss hunting, he's never said anything nice about hunting before it was always. "Hunting is horrid, once we are done with this Demon who nearly killed our mother there is no going back! You hear me boys!"

I got out and we both straightened our suits, Beau reminded me about my lip ring before entering Walmart. As we got in we insisted in seeing the manager who was located in the CCTV area, we showed the worker our FBI badges and we was shown to the manager.

"Ma'am we need to ask you a few questions" Beau said politely as we both shown the lady our badges and she believed.

After questioning her, we asked if we could see the footage, alone. She agreed and left the room. I 'the computer expert' watched the video over and over while Beau downloaded it to his laptop, I couldn't find anything, this could just be an ordinary guy.

After a couple of minutes we dismissed our selves and thanked the lady, we drove and found a motel to stay the night. While Beau slept I looked at the CCTV tape, wait what was that, I re-winded it back and there I saw it.

"Beau, beau, BEAU WAKE UP" I shouted, Beau jumped up and ran over to me

"WHAT LUKE! ARE YOU OKAY DID SOMETHING HAPPEN?" Beau screamed, his eyes wide open.

"Look, his eyes, there white, he's a shape shifter" I said re-winding the tape, Beau closed his eyes for a few seconds and squinted at the light of the screen.

"might be a camera flair" Beau replied "no, no its not, there's not flashing lights or anything" I said

"Well he's in the sewers then, after a few days the Shapeshifter sheds its skin, all it needs is DNA and its sure got plenty of yours" Beau responded and looked at me, there's a lot more murders to come if we don't kill this bitch now.

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