They threw away their old lives to live normal, free ones, but what happens when Luke is seen on CCTV killing someone? Will he choose to hunt the supernatural forces again? Or will he go to jail over something he didn't do?

They were all hunters, no not animal hunters, they hunted supernatural things such as:
Unrested Ghosts

Their lives where pretty hard, however with 5 Australian boys that have saved the Brooks brothers mum, from a supernatural force known as a Demon, will they ever go back to that life putting their loved ones in danger?


3. Watch your back, evil is still out there

There was no time to sleep, this thing can kill at anytime putting an even more bad reputation on me. Beau went out to get food, man I'm starving. I was loading the guns when I heard someone out side, I placed my gun in my pants with my black leather jacket over it, I hid in another room. My heart raced, as I heard the door being kicked down, I peaked my head around to see who it was. Wait is that Jai? I looked closely at his eyes, black, ah a Demon has possessed Jai. My instant reaction was to pull out my gun and face it at Jai, he faced me and a look of evil was smirked across his face.

I took a few steps forward as Jai took a leap towards me, I leaped back, I smirked and the Demon spoke.

"What are you smirking at"

I stopped walking around the circle that was above the ceiling and pointed upwards.

"Thats why, a devils trap, now take a seat and we shall begin the exorcism" I smiled while pulling out a chair and passing it to the Demon, he just pushed it away and gave me an angry look.

If you're going to possess my brother, atleast have the decency and common sense to look around, before stepping into a devils trap.

I picked up mum's journal, she use to be a hunter until she had us and so she stopped. I looked inside to find the ritual in the middle of the book, before I read I took a look at the tattoo all 5 of us got which was called 'Anti Possession Tatto' I removed Jai's shirt over his chest to find a burnt tattoo, I pushed it back in disgust and read the ritural.

I said the last few words of the ritual and Jai dropped to the ground, I ran over and picked Jai up, I placed him on the bed and poured ice freezing cold water over him. Jai instantly jumped up and looked me in the eyes.

"The Demon told me everything, your hunting again and with Beau, Luke how can you not tell me?" Jai spoke so sadly it looked like he was about to cry.

"Look Jai I'm sorry but your my little brother and I don't want you to get hurt" I looked at Jai seriously and he stared back with a look of surprise in his eyes

"I want to help and there's nothing you can say or do to change my mind" Jai said loud and clear

"I know, you better get geared up, where dealing with a Shapeshifter" I told him and so he did as told.

After half an hour later Beau walked in and gave me a McDonald's, I told him about Jai and we set off in the Impala, I'm driving again, this is my car, my baby. It wasn't long when we got to Walmart, we found a grid that led to the sewers. We jumped down with a splash, we followed the trail of skin that was torn off, Beau gagged and puked at the sight and smell. Me and Jai scrunched our noises at the same time and carried on with Beau puking everywhere.

Awhile after we found a dungeon, and 2 unrevealed people tied to a post back to back, we spreaded out, Beau was behind a barrel with his gun infront of him, Jai climb above onto the pipes while I, had the easier job. The distraction, it's easy when you're as good looking as me. Before moving where they can see me I signaled Jai who signaled Beau, I ran into the middle of the room amd screamed like a little girl, the Shapeshifter came at me.As it got close Jai dropped right onto its back and pulled its head back with the gun to his head.

Jai pulled the trigger, no bullets, "genius" I muttered under my breath. The Shifter grabbed Jai and flunged him across the room, Beau twisted his body and fired at the Shifter straight at it's head, turns out theres more than one. Beau jumped over the barrels and fought with me, Jai untied the 2 mysterious people amd removed the covers.

"GUYS, CAN'T BELIEVE YOUR HERE" I heard James's voice then Daniel's when he said kick his ass for me Beau.

Not long after we was joined by the other 3 as we killed the Shifters, 5 more came out, we where facing our selves, they have the same mind, memories and the same skills. Who knows maybe you're faster, maybe you're going do something unexpected. The battle began, mine was down in seconds, I looked around and it felt as if the whole room was in slow motion, I grabbed my silver knife and stabbed the shifter in the heart. Daniel was on the floor I went over but Beau got there first and stabbed the shifter in the head, then he helped Daniel up and ran straight to James.

I ran over to Jai who was pinned to the wall, his face cut, he was hardly breathing, then he was gone. A tear ran down my face as I ran with range at the Shifter, I stabbed his heart and ran to Jai, my eyes fully in tears, the boys ran over to me as we carried Jai out of the sewers. Not soon after the ambulance for Jai came, I wanted to go but I was held back as the police took me for murder.

So this is where I stand now, well actually sit, battered and bruised, cut and stabbed. I don't even know if Jai is alive. They still don't believe that theres evil out there. Look out the supernatural forces are still out there, killing.

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