They threw away their old lives to live normal, free ones, but what happens when Luke is seen on CCTV killing someone? Will he choose to hunt the supernatural forces again? Or will he go to jail over something he didn't do?

They were all hunters, no not animal hunters, they hunted supernatural things such as:
Unrested Ghosts

Their lives where pretty hard, however with 5 Australian boys that have saved the Brooks brothers mum, from a supernatural force known as a Demon, will they ever go back to that life putting their loved ones in danger?


1. Chained

~Lukes POV~

You really wanna know my story, why I'm in cuffs that are attacked to my wrists? man these hurt like a bitch. The truth is, I dont know the truth just that someone must of impersonated me.


There I was, sat on the sofa, yep thats me the one with the crazy puffy hair and the bad boy lipring. Hey don't judge it's cool, ok!

"Hey Luke, turn on the news!" Jai shouts from across the room
 I do as told and flicker through the boring channels that lead me to the news, that's when I saw it, me, I was on the news. But for what? I questioned, "This male was accused of murder, as seen on the CCTV"

WHAT! "Luke, did you really kill that poor woman?" Beau pointed out confused as hell

"No, I I I, of course not, how could I? James, we where at your place last night, remember? " I said inociently

"yeah that's right, we where errrm-" James stuttered

"Bowling, on the wii" I finished off

James nodded and so I grabbed my laptop, I wanted to get down to the bottom of this, who was this, this thing being me?

~End Flash Back~

They didn't find me straight away, and by 'they' I meam these tarts behind me, my face is battered and my arms are brusied. But they still won't believe my story, the truth that is, they must think im phsyco or something.

Anyway that night, I grabbed my suit, the suit, I didn't think there would be a day I'd put this on again. I got dressed, as soon as I was finished Beau walked in.

"Oh god no, no Luke, not this again! I thought we ditched this years ago" Beau said pointing at my suit and badge that was in my hand.

"Look Beau, we have to become hunters again, people are dying and im not letting someone frame me for killing some innocent woman"

Beau looked at me and shivered, he nodded and walked to his room to suit up. I fired up the Impala that was hidden in the back, I heard someone open the door, Daniel.

"Luke, whats goin- woahh whos is this?" Daniel said while feeling the shiny black car

"Hey, hey, hands off my baby" I half shouted

"Sorry, so why are you dressed up like FBI" Daniel questioned

I gave Daniel the 'Seriously do you not remember' look, Daniel squinted his face to try an remember until he nodded then looked back at the impala and strolled back to the door.

"Don't tell Jai, or I swear to god"

"Yeah Yeah, you'll hunt my ass" Daniel joked as he stepped out the door

A few minutes later Beau came out, all ready to go. I jumped in the drivers seat and placed in Metallica, Beau went to speak but instead I spoke for him.

"Driver picks the songs, shot gun shuts his cake hole" I said not joking as Beau laughed

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