This is a story based on Divergent and very similar to the book. (Chapters may be short)


5. The test



    It’s now time for me to take the test. I’m scared it will tell me I have to leave my family. But I’m also scared it will tell me to stay. If I choose to stay there will be no change allowed and that could be miserable. But if I choose to leave I don’t know what could happen. Anything could happen either way.

    “Sara Phenix.” Once I hear my name I stand up and walk into the room where a Valiant woman is standing waiting for me to sit down.

    “I’m Olivia I will be administering your test.” She leans me back in the seat and hands me a cup.

“What is it?” I ask.

“Drink it.”

I take a breath and let it out slowly and drink the liquid.

I see  nothing, except me in a large open room. I feel a tap on my shoulder. It’s me.


I look to my right at a steak. Then to my left at a knife.

“Why?” I ask.

“Choose.” She is gone. So is the choices I could’ve chosen from.

Then out of nowhere I hear a growl. It’s a rabid dog.

Now I know where the knife would’ve come in handy.

There is nothing I can do but let the dog attack. It isn’t real after all.

I sit down and the dog come running towards me. Then I hear the sound of a baby puppy. I open my eyes. The dog had transformed into a puppy.

I look to my right and see my family. Then back at the dog. It has transformed back and is after my family! I take off after the dog and...pounce!  

I wake up from the serum.

“Get up.” Olivia says to me.

“What was my result?”

“They were inconclusive.” She says, “Divergent.”

“Then what do I choose at the choosing ceremony?”

“You have to hide in a faction where they would never find you. You can’t tell anyone about this” She says, “Choose wisely.” She pushes me out the door.

What am I? What is Divergent?




    After Sara, it’s my turn. I watch her come out but she doesn’t come back and sit down. What had happened in there?

“Caleb Phenix.”

I get up and walk down the hall into the room and take a seat.

“I’m Olivia I will be administrating you test.” She hands me a cup. I drink it. Let’s get this over with.

I am now standing in a large empty room. I can see nothing.

I suddenly feel a tap on my shoulder, It’s me, “Choose.”

I look to my right at a steak, then to my left at a knife. My parent would never approve of me holding a knife. So I choose the steak. And I vicious dog appears. I look at my steak and I bend down holding the steak low and whistling. The dog comes slowly and turns into a puppy and eats the steak as I stroke its fur.

I then wake up.

“Your result?” She says.

“Yes please.”





    “Ariana David.”

As soon as I hear my name I slowly get up from my seat and walk into the room.

    “I’m Olivia please take a seat.”

I sit down in the chair and she hands me a cup.

    “Um what is this?”

    “Drink it.”

    I take a sniff and a deep breath and begin my test.

    I am in a large room. Just like my room. except without any furniture. I flinch when I feel a tap on my shoulder. She looks like me. She is me.


I look to my right at a steak then to my left at a knife. I pick up the knife and the girl is gone and a furious dog appears. I look at my knife and run towards the dog but it knocks the knife right out of my hand. I then run towards the dog and….

    I wake up.

    “And you result?”

    Aw geez, here it goes, this is when I find out who I truely am.


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