This is a story based on Divergent and very similar to the book. (Chapters may be short)


7. The football game



    Kacey let us have one final day with our friends and families and to meet people from other factions. But it was hard to have fun knowing I could’ve possibly let my family down.

“All boys who would like to play football please come down to the field!”  Kacey yells.

“Hi!” Ariana says.


“What’s wrong?” She gives me puppy dog eyes.

“Nothing.” I lie.

“Wanna come down with me?”

“I….” before I could answer Ariana jerks me down the steps and points to Caleb, “Isn’t he cute?”

These words make me wanna throw up, “He’s my brother.”

“Oh.” she says, “Awkward.”

“Hike!” An Ingenious boy screams and the game begins.

* * *



    “Go Caleb!” I scream as he scores a touchdown, “He’s really good, he must play a lot of football.”

    “Yeah.” Sara says.

    “You’ve been acting strange since the ceremony, are you sure everythings alright?”

    “Yeah, I’m just nervous about training.”

    “Well that makes sense.” I wave at Caleb as soon as his eyes meet mine.




    “Nice throw Caleb!” An astute boy shouts at me. I hear Ariana scream my name from the sideline, next to Sara cheering me on.

    Then suddenly I feel my feet taking me to Ariana, and I kiss her.

    I put my arms on her cheeks as she puts hers on my shoulders. People may be watching but I don’t care.

    But to my surprise someone pulls me away from her.




    I take Caleb to the parking lot, “What were you thinking?!” I yell.

    “I don’t know my feet just took me to her and, I kissed her!”

    “You can’t be with Ariana!” I say, “You’re a transfer and she is a born!”

    “So? I don’t care!”

    “I’m just trying to protect you!”

    “Protect me from what?”

    “I just don’t want anything to happen to you.”




    I come out of the bathroom feeling light-headed. That kiss was the best kiss of my life! I can’t stop thinking about it! As I was walking like a drunk I run into Ben, “Oh sorry Ben.”

    “It’s ok.” He says as he brushes his hair out from his face, “Are you ok?”

    “I’m fine.” I say, “Why do you ask?”

    “‘Cause you're walking funny.”

    “Oh yeah, um, Caleb kissed me.”

    “He what?!”

    “He kissed me.”

    He puts his hands over his ears,”Don’t say it again!”

    “Are you jealous?”

    “No.” He folds his arms, “Have you forgotten something?”

    I think for a minute, then it hits me. Ben asked me out! “Ben I am so sorry!” I try to hug him but he jerks away.

    “Whatever.” And he leaves me there alone.

    I fall to my knees and begin to cry. What did I do?




    Tomorrow is the day we leave. I would spend the rest of this day with my family but I would rather just be alone.

    As I am walking down the street I run into Ariana.

    “Oh, sorry.” she says.

    “It’s ok. So you like my brother?”

    “Um, yeah. I realize this is awkward for you, but if you don’t want me to date your brother, I won’t.”

    “Are you serious?” I ask.

    “Yes, I cross my heart.”

    I don’t want them to date, but I want Caleb to be happy, “I can’t let you date him. I’m sorry.”

    “Oh. ok.” She lowers her head and walks off.

    Why am I so selfish?

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