This is a story based on Divergent and very similar to the book. (Chapters may be short)


6. The choosing ceremony



    Today, is the day we choose. If the test can’t tell me what to pick then how do I know what I am? Olivia’s words kept going threw my mind, ‘Choose wisely.’

    “Hi!” A astute girl says to me, “I’m Ariana.”

    “I’m Sara. I’m from Armistice.”

    “Cool are you going to stay with it?”

    I don’t know, am I? “Well I haven’t really thought about it.”

    “Yeah, I haven’t either.” She says, “What was your result?”

* * *


    “Good evening.” Kacey says into the microphone, “Today is the day you will decide your destiny! One at a time you will come up and sign your name under the faction you choose. Now, once the choice has been made, there will be no change permitted.” She then pulls a name from a hat, “Caleb Phenix!”




    I get up from the back row, my parents and Sara letting me out as I pass Sara she gives me a quick hug, and I walk up to the stage. I glance at the lists of the factions, then at my family, then at Astute and there was this girl who really caught my eye. She and I had locked eyes and she changed the decision I was going to make.

    I pick up a pen under the Astute sign and I sign my name and I take my seat with the rest of Astute.

    Kacey pulls another name from the hat, “Sara Phenix!”




    I get up out of my seat and walk down the aisle until a Valiant-born trips me and I stumble to my face. I can hear her and her friends laughing at me. I get back up and reach the stage. I glance at the Faction lists and my brother’s signature. I reach for the pen under Armistice but I stop and reach over to the left of it and sign my name under the Valiant. And I take my seat with the Valiants as Kacey draws another name from the hat, “Ariana David!”




I get up out of my seat and I pass the first transfer. There is something about him that could change everything. Will I transfer? I face the factions and I reach for the pen under Astute and I sign my name.

I know I should’ve chosen Valiant, but my heart was telling me not to.

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