This is a story based on Divergent and very similar to the book. (Chapters may be short)


1. Bios

POV: Caleb

Our world is divided. Divided by factions; Armistice, the peaceful. Astute; the intelligent. Valiant, the brave. Ingenuous, the honest. And Charitable, the selfless.

    I belong to Armistice, along with my sister Sara. But it was about to be an interesting year for all of us. Filled with hatred, violence, death, and love.

    I could never imagine being separated from my family. But I decided to transfer. It’s not because I don’t want to. But because I didn’t feel like I belonged there.

    I just couldn’t stay.


POV: Ariana


        I come from Astute. We would sit in the library and read books all day. Astute has been in my family for years, and I would never leave.

        My faction is the smartest of them all. We do all the jobs in the world that has to do with education; teachers, doctors, scientists, etc.

    The day when I took the test, its told me I was something else. But I could never leave. My dream job is to become a famous scientist. But I kept hearing the words over and over again, ‘Trust the test.’ But I couldn’t. So at the choosing ceremony, I chose the faction that changed everything.


POV: Luke


    My name is Luke, and I am Ingenuous. It has been in my family since 2001. I love it here, no one ever lies, we are all very truthful. But is being truthful everything? No. Because we are not allowed to lie, there is too much drama. People are always getting into fights. My girlfriend Mary and I stay out of it. She would never fight with anyone. Until a new transfer came to Ingenuous.

    Something changed in Mary that year, she was the sweetest girl that everyone loved. Now, she’s the girl that everyone fears.

    Ever since they put her under the truth serum, we found that girl that I never knew was inside of her.


POV: Sara


    Can you still love someone even if it means leaving your old faction? I can’t even answer that question because well, I don’t know. I want to love my family but they come from Armistice, and I transfered. Surprisingly so did my brother. He’s the quiet one in the entire faction, no one would expect him to transfer.

    We are not allowed to love our family that comes from a different faction, all because of the phase… “Faction before blood.” I never knew exactly what that meant, until now.



    My name is J.D and I am a Valiant leader. I was recently from another faction, Charitable, but I couldn’t stay there even though that’s what my test told me to do. But life in that faction was not easy.

    I know of all factions in the world. I’ve been around many times. Things have always been the same here; everyone takes the test, we have the choosing ceremony, the initiants come to camps, and one person becomes factionless. But that routine will be broken by Sara Phoenix. She was a transfer from Armistice. But the thing about this girl is that she’s not just kind. She’s brave, smart, and beautiful. When she first came here I thought she was the weirdest girl on the planet, until I found out what she really was.


POV: Amy

    My name is Amy and I come from the faction Charitable. We are not allowed to show affection ever, or to think of ourselves at all times. We must always give to other and to never be selfish but selfless. But my best friend, Josh, he is being so selfish lately and showing affection. No matter how many times I tell him to stop, he doesn’t. But I have to make sure he stops before the trainers find out or he will become factionless.

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