This is a story based on Divergent and very similar to the book. (Chapters may be short)


9. Astute



    Now I am at the Astute camp. I still haven’t forgotten about Sara, and what she said. She acts like she cares about me so much, but she doesn’t. I need to forget about it though. So I walk threw the Astute doors and run into someone.

    “Hey,” he says, “I’m Ben.”


    “Aren't you the transfer from Armistice?”

    “Yeah.” I say, “Are you an astute-born?”


    There is a moment of silence then…

“Hi Ben!” Ariana jumps behind Ben, “Are we still up for…” she sees me, “Oh, hey Caleb.”

Ben points at me, then Ariana, “Wait a minute.”

“Maybe you should go.” Ariana says.

“Yeah I probably should.” He takes off with a bunch of guys.

“So, he’s your boyfriend?” I ask.

She scratches her head, “Yeah. I’ve like him for as long as I can remember.” she says, “Are you mad?”

I shake my head, “No. Sara doesn’t want us together so,” I try to talk threw a smile, “so we will listen to her.”

“Yeah.” she smiles and we just stand there, looking into each others eyes. I want to be with Ariana but then all of a sudden I do something very drastic. I kiss her, again.




    Did he really just kiss me again? If Sara finds out she will have a meltdown! Or worse, Ben. But I dont care. I wrap my arms around his shoulder and we just stand there and kiss. I know I shouldn’t be doing this though.




    As soon as I kiss her I get a sudden smile across my face. My hands fall on her side then they work their way down to her hips. I might have abandoned my family, but it was worth it, I love Ariana.


* * *


    “Hey Caleb.” Ariana says and kisses me.

    “Hey,” I pull her hands from my neck, “Do you know where Jenny is?”

    “Yeah. I just saw her go into her office. Why?”

    “She said she had something for me.”

    “Ok thanks.” I kiss her cheek and head towards Jenny’s office.

“Hello Caleb,” Jenny says, “You have a letter from a family member.” She hands me the letter.

    I read the return address, Sara.

    I walk out of her office and read the letter, and run into Ariana.

“Hey Caleb. What did Jenny want?”

“She gave me a letter from Sara.”

“Oh, is she ok with you know, us?”

I read the letter to her, “You may have made a mistake, dating Ariana, but if she really makes you that happy, I won’t be mad. Good luck.”

    “So I guess she’s ok.”

    “Yeah,” I look down at the letter, “I guess she is.”

    “Can I ask you something?”


    “Why does Sara hate me?”

    “What are you talking about? She doesn’t hate you.”

    “Then why does she think you dating me is a mistake?” She snaps.

    “I guess,” I start, “I don’t know. But what are you gonna do? Even if she does hate you, you can’t keep me from talking to her, she’s my sister!”

    “Maybe I can’t, but the leaders can.” She folds her arms.

    “What are you talking about?”

    “Faction, before blood.”


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