Whisper and Melody

It's been twenty five years since Echo and Brandon married. They have two thirteen year old daughters, Whisper, a loud, music loving, girl and Melody, a quite girl with a love for violin and a two year old son, Brandon Jr. But their grandmother has come back to settle a deal...
Thank you Loki's Queen for Melody and Brandon Jr.


1. Whisper

                                                                             I look like my mom...

  And I have my dads eyes. My names Whisper and I'm anything but quite. My twin sister Melody is.

  "Whisper! Time for breakfast!" My mother calls. I jump out of my purple bed. I comb my ash blonde hair and put on a neon green sweater. I swing down the banister, almost kicking my sister, Melody. "Watch out!" She calls.

  Down at breakfast I see my mother, also having ash blonde hair, and my father, I have his green eyes speckled with brown. Then there's my baby brother, Brandon Jr, named after my father, he has all of dad's features. And finally my twin sister Melody, she doesn't look like me, she has dad's hair and mom's eyes, including the right blind. She wears a grey sweater with jeans and she's clutching her violin case. I swallow down my eggs as Melody picks at hers. "Mel eat your food." Mom orders. "I don't like eggs." She whispers. "Oh yeah, I forgot. Would you like some bacon?" Mom asks. Mel nods. The bus honks from outside. "Bye Whisper bye Mel." I sling my backpack over my shoulder, Mel puts on her messenger bag. And we go. 

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