Whisper and Melody

It's been twenty five years since Echo and Brandon married. They have two thirteen year old daughters, Whisper, a loud, music loving, girl and Melody, a quite girl with a love for violin and a two year old son, Brandon Jr. But their grandmother has come back to settle a deal...
Thank you Loki's Queen for Melody and Brandon Jr.


2. Melody

                                                       I look like my dad...

 But I have my mom's eyes. Including her blind right one. No one ever really bothers me about it. I guess that was my mothers generation. My fifth period is spent hiding in the orchestra room playing violin. I'm at the top of my class. "Good job Melody." My fingers held the right strings down as I rubbed the horse hair bow across the strings, making a sweet noise that I fell in love with the first time I heard it. I finish the song a put down my violin. I love playing it, I would play it all the time if I could. Sadly I can't.

  My day ends with me going home to my mother. I sit on the bus. I'm all by my self. Whisper sits with a bunch of girls who admire her hair. I wish I had her hair. "Hey Melody, can I sit with you?" I turn and see a boy. "Sure Kyle." I scoot over. He has red hair and green eyes. Kyle smiles. His teeth are crooked. "I'm gonna get braces next week." He says when he sees me staring. "Was I staring?" He nods. I laugh, uneasy. "It's okay. I get it."

The bus jerks forward. I hit my head on the back of the seat in front of me. "Ow!" I hear one of the girls yelp. Oh great. Ava Kelper turned around to me. Her auburn hair is long enough to fall over the seat. "What the hell Melody!" I look down. "Please watch your language, bad words annoy me." She smirks to her little friends, Kora James and Lesley Ullman. " 'Bad words annoy me.' Do I look like I freaking care? Why did you hit my seat?" I still am looking down. "It was an accident." I whisper. I hear Ava laugh. "Lesley, gum." I hear a pop. Kyle looks mad. I look up and see Ava trying to get gum in my hair. "Hey stop that." I say, trying to lean away. "Stop that!" Kyle is trying to stop Ava. "STOP THAT AVA!" I turn and see Whisper. Then I hear Ava laugh. I grab a piece of my two foot long hair. About six inches away from the ends, a wad of watermelon gum is intertwined in a chunk of hair. I felt my eyes tear. I've been trying to grow out my hair, that is six months, out the window. "AVA!" Whisper yells dramatically. "Yes Whisper?" Ava likes Whisper, because of her hair. "Why would you do that!?" Ava smirks. "IDK, I felt like it I guess. I wouldn't do that to you though. You have pretty hair, unlike her." She points at me. "Melody has beautiful hair, and a beautiful mind, unlike you." I smile weakly. "Thanks Whisper." I say quietly.

  I wave to Kyle as we get off. We walk in our two story house. "Mom, you're gonna need to cut Mel's hair." Our mother stepped out of the kitchen. "Why?" She's holding Brandon Jr. "Ava Kelper put gum in her hair." Mom leads me to the kitchen and  sets me in a stool. "Whisper, play with Brandon." Mom orders. She takes out the hair styling scissors she used to use when she was a hair stylist. "Please don't take to much off." I beg. "Don't worry Mel, you'll look great. A little while later my reflection looks completely different. My annoying bangs are gone and the fronts a little shorter than the back. "The bangs are gone, so it'll be easier to play." I stand up and Whisper comes in. "Hey mom wer... Mel what happened to you?!" "Whisper don't yell." Mom says. I shrug.       

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