Honshu wolf + werewolf = Honshu werewolf. That's exactly what Moriko Tsukino is. The Honshu werewolf bloodline is coming to an end and the remaining family is Moriko's. She's an only child and gets pressured to extended the bloodline by having many children, even if she is a 20-year-old college student. But when she finally finds someone she loves, will they accept what she is? Or will she spill her secret before the chance comes?


2. Chapter Two

I was planning to take Daisuke to a café but he ended up dragging me to his favorite place. The place is called "Doki-Doki Love Maid Café". I scoff as we get sit at a table, men. As we continue to sit and wait for our maid to come and assist us, I skim over the cute menu. Hmm...a raspberry tea with white chocolate chip cookies doesn't sound so bad. I look up at Daisuke, he's already decided what he wants. Hopefully it's not pricey; I didn't get paid yet this week.


Our maid skips over to our table with a cute smile on her face. She takes one look at Daisuke and instantly blushes. Anger overflows my body and I can tell my face is as red as it can get. Why did she look at him like that? Does she have a crush on him? How long have they known each other? Did they ever date? Am I honestly jealous over a guy I just met today?!


"Hello there!" she announces with the same cute smile from before. "My name's Rika-chan and I'm your maid for today. If you're ready, I'll take your orders now." Rika takes another glance at him and returns to her notepad flushed.


I feel my nails elongate and my ears getting ready to send my hat flying. I calm myself down by looking out the window and duck my hands under the table. I feel their eyes on me but I ignore them and continue to stare out the window.


"Uh, I'll get the usual, Rika," Daisuke says. "Please and thanks."


"You're very welcome, Master," she replies. Master? I understand that it's part of your job to call your customers "Master" but you don't have to put so much emphasis into it! She's completely head over heels for him, it's too obvious. Do your job and stop being a flirt, especially when there's another female with him. Show some respect, bitch!


"For you, Mistress?" she says, pulling me out of my thoughts. I turn my head and face the two of them. Daisuke looks concerned while she still has that "cute" look on her face. As soon as this courtesy snack is over with, I swear I'm going to sell her to an adult video company.


"Just give me a raspberry tea and a small tray of white chocolate chip cookies," I respond coldly. She writes it down on her notepad and skips away with a smile.


"Funny, that used to be my favorite," Daisuke abruptly says. "I stopped eating them when I realized how addicting they were." He laughs and looks down at his hands; they're folded on the table and his thumbs are twiddling with each other. "I just decided to try something new and now I have a new favorite."


"And if you get tired of your new favorite now?" I ask. I feel as if I need to know more about Daisuke. I...want to figure him out.


"Find a new one."


"If you get tired of that one?"


"Time to go to another café then." He chuckles and shows his pearly white teeth. Let's hope you run out of favorites then.


Little Miss Rika-chan comes back with our food and it smells oh-so good. The sweet smell of white chocolate plugs into my nostrils and as much as I want to ravage my food like how I do at home, I must act like a lady in front of Daisuke. Rika sets the plates on the table and I gaze at Daisuke's. His "usual" is a cranberry muffin, a slice of Boston cream pie, and a glass of strawberry milk.


"Please do enjoy, Master and Mistress," Rika says. She glances at Daisuke again before scattering away to the kitchen.


"I take it that you come here often," I say, emphasizing the word "often". He looks up from his plate to me and scratches the back of his head.


"Yeah, you could say that," he replied nonchalantly. "And don't worry, I'll pay." He starts to eat his sweets and I slowly insert a cookie in my mouth.




It's now 8:23 p.m. and Daisuke walks me to my apartment. I have small talk with him before coming into my room. Outside my window, I see him walk away backwards and wave to me. I, of course, wave back with a smile plastered on my face. He notices it, gives me the peace sign, and finally makes his way home.


I close my window's blinds and unwind. I throw my hat across the living room along with my cardigan. My shoes get kicked off after them and I strip myself from my lavender dress. I'm now in my bra and panties, walking around in my apartment. I hear my phone ring and vibrate on the coffee table. I grab it without looking at the caller ID and wait for a voice.


"Hey, Moriko," a familiar voice says.


"Hi...stranger!" I reply.


"Stranger? Moriko, don't be so cold to me."


I didn't reply for a moment. How did Daisuke get my number?


"Oh! Hi, Daisuke!" I shout, having him do his loveable laugh.


"Yeah, it's me. I just wanted to tell you good luck on that quiz tomorrow."


"Quiz? What quiz?!" I panic, when did we get told there was a quiz tomorrow? I didn't even hear those words come out Professor Fujioka's mouth! "Why aren't you studying?"


"I have to visit my sick aunt tomorrow; she has leukemia." I hear him sigh through the phone. It must be really bad. Maybe if I find a way to comfort him, he'll feel more at ease. I'm unsure about the results but I know it's worth a try.


"I'm sorry to hear that," I reply sympathetically. "Just know that she will get better. I'm sure of it."


Silence comes between us for seconds. Was he stunned by what I said? If so, in a good way or a bad way? He finally breathes through the phone, it sounds like a breath of relief.


"Daisuke...?" I mumble through the phone.


"Moriko," he says my name and I just melt to the floor. I feel a smile appear on my face as he responds. "Thank you. Your kind words gave me hope. What do you say, let me take you out after your quiz in Fujioka's?"


Warmth covers my pale face and I pull the phone away from my face to squeal. Is Daisuke really asking me out on a date? My inner wolf is on her hind legs and going around in circles. She's just as happy as I am. I place the phone back on my cheek to speak with Daisuke.


"Sounds okay to me," I reply coolly. I don't want him to know that I'm excited. The idea of me liking him might come to his mind. It's too early for me to tell him, it's actually too early for me to be falling for him.


A stupid question comes to mind and I instantly ask it. Why must my brain act as if it's been hit with a rock? "Is Vivian coming, too?"


"Eh, this was actually just going to be for you," he says. He sounds as if he doesn't want her to come. Yes! It's a date! I dig my elongated claws into a nearby wall and nearly faint. "If you want her to come, then it's alright."


"No, no! I was just wondering! If you want it to be the two of us, it will be."


"Alright then, I'll see you tomorrow. Good luck!"


I blush once more before responding. "Thank you, and goodnight."


"Goodnight, Moriko," he says, then hangs up the phone.


I drop my phone on the living room carpet. The thud of the two meeting each other sounds like my heart as of now. I really got asked out for a date with Daisuke! I feel my ears and tail stick out and I don't hide them. I'm happy right now and nothing can change that.

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