Honshu wolf + werewolf = Honshu werewolf. That's exactly what Moriko Tsukino is. The Honshu werewolf bloodline is coming to an end and the remaining family is Moriko's. She's an only child and gets pressured to extended the bloodline by having many children, even if she is a 20-year-old college student. But when she finally finds someone she loves, will they accept what she is? Or will she spill her secret before the chance comes?


1. Chapter One

I run my fingers through my shaggy, pale livid hair and take a glance at myself in the mirror. Another day at Kyushu University, another day of getting an incoming phone call from my parents. I yawn and go to the kitchen to get myself a glass of milk. I reach into the cabinet to get a glass but gets interrupted by the sound of my cellphone ringing. Am I a mind reader or what?


I drag myself into to the living room of my apartment and grab the damn piece of technology. "Hi Mom, hi Dad," I say nonchalantly.


"How'd you know it was us?" my mother asks. I roll my eyes at her question. How could I not?! They call every morning and if I miss a call, I get yelled at when I call back. Honestly, if they couldn't trust me being by myself, why send me to college?


"Mom, no, I'm not pregnant nor in love with anyone. Maybe another day."


"Oh...well your father said hello and that he misses you." I sigh and roll my eyes again. She sounds different. She sounds as if I hurt her feelings. Come on, Mom, I'm weak against stuff like that!


"Sorry, Mom. I didn't mean to say it like that. It's just that you only call for one reason and one reason only. I promise I won't screw up. Okay?" I finish speaking, hoping that a smile appeared on her face. It must have; I heard a tiny squeal of joy through the phone.


"Okay Moriko, goodbye sweetheart," she says joyfully.


"Yeah, bye Mom," I say with a faint smile. I hang up and throw my phone across the room. Gladly, it landed on my couch and I let go a breath of relief.


I bet if I was a normal girl, I wouldn't have to go through this shit. Being one of the last Honshu werewolves is hard. The only ones we have left are my grandmother, my father, and me. My Uncle Isamu died last year due to protecting my grandmother. A man found out what my grandmother was and tried to stab her but my Uncle Isamu jumped in front of her. My father killed the man for attempting to kill my grandmother. Unfortunately, Uncle Isamu got stabbed in his heart and died right then and there.


Our whole family mourned after that. My father took it the hardest though which may be the reason why I'm being pressured to extended the bloodline. He wants me to find "the right one" and have children with him. I have to educate them about what we are and blah, blah, blah! I want them to have what I didn't have—a normal life and not to worry about being different.



It's a nice day today in Fukuoka and I decided to powerwalk to Kyushu University. I'm wearing my favorite dress and cardigan with a pair of white flats. My ears keep sticking up today so I put on a hat.

I make my way into the building and walk down to room 206, Professor Fujioka's Economics. I notice that class is halfway full as I take my seat. Good, I don't want to be late to this class ever again since yesterday. My mom wouldn't get off the phone with me and took up almost 15 minutes of class time. I asked my friend Vivian if I could see some of the notes I missed and she gladly let me see them. She's an exchange student from America and it's so surprising how good she is at Japanese.


She comes in now and sits next to me. "Hey, how's it going?" she says.


I give her a quick nod. "Good, you?"


"Eh, just ready to graduate," she replies with a wide grin. We giggle and pull out our notebooks, preparing ourselves for Professor Fujioka.


He walks in and stands in front of the board below us all. I catch Vivian in the corner of my eye putting her hair into a ponytail. She tends to sweat a lot around him. Why? I don't know; probably because he's kind of good looking. With my wolf-like abilities, I notice that someone's staring at me. I turn around and see a guy turn around quickly.


The more I look at him, the more I wonder. I never seen him before in this classroom or the campus. From my view, he's kind of cute but that last move of his was creepy.




Throughout the whole lecture, I felt that guy staring at me. I didn't want to check me than once so that he doesn't think I'm weird or mean. I walk out of the classroom and pull down my hat some more. Whenever I'm around a really cute guy, my ears tend to really stick up and he was very attractive.


I come down the stairs outside and stop when I notice that I don't have my notebook with me. Oh, come on! Why did I have to be outside and remember that?! I turn on my heel and walk back inside of the building to go get my notebook. I feel a warm hand on my shoulder and I jump and turn around shocked. The person who touched my shoulder...is the cute guy from earlier.


"Hi, uh...Moriko, right?" he says. His voice is so suave and smooth, the confusion comes out of his mouth like caramel and milk chocolate.


"Uh, yeah!" I say rather quickly. Am I really this nervous about talking to a guy I never met before? I glance at his face for a second and look down at my feet. He has dark brown hair, light blue eyes, and his lips created a fine line of uncertainty. His hand slides off of my shoulder as he pulls out a notebook with the other.


"You left your notebook in Professor Fujioka's class." He hands it to me before taking a few steps away and returning to me. "I'm Daisuke Kimura and I'm a new student."


"'Daisuke' is the correct name for you," I say with a girly giggle afterwards. He laughs, looks down, then comes back up with a killer smile. Holy smokes, he's hot!


"That's something I've never got before, but thanks." He starts to walk off again. My inner wolf is telling me not to let him go. I trust her and listen.


"Wait! Let me repay you by taking you out to coffee or tea!" He stops in his tracks and looks over his shoulder at me. A smirk appears and it lightens up my whole mood, warms my face, and gives me butterflies.


"If you insist," he replies and holds out his arm. I-Is he inviting me to interlock arms with him? I pull down my hat harder and gladly accept his request.


We walk out the building and stairs outside with interlocked arms. I can't keep this smile off my face; I've never felt like this with a guy before. Maybe you love him..., my inner wolf howls. I scowl at her, no way am I falling in love again. Not after the last asshole. My dad almost killed him for two-timing me but I didn't stop him, my mom did. Since last year, I vowed to never fall in love again, even if my parents want me to have children.


I shake my head as we walk to the nearest café. If I vowed to never fall in love ever again, what is happening now?




A/N: "Daisuke" actually means "great helper".

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