I silent girl and 5 loud boys. What happens when they meet again?


2. two

I shook my head no and the familiar boy sat down." Hi Isabelle. I haven't seen you in awhile." I nodded. Luke still looked the same, but older. He looks more mature but he's probably still the most immature boy on the planet." Still don't talk huh?" I shook my head. "Listen I'm sorry we haven't talked to you. We've been busy and we lost touch. I didn't call like I said because I thought you'd hate me."

I thought about it, I don't hate him. I just missed him. " Do you forgive me?" He asked. I nodded and he reached over and hugged me. I wasn't used to this. I hugged back anyway. I felt a feeling I've never felt as we hugged but I pushed it aside. I pulled away and looked at my phone. It was late and I needed to get home. I waves goodbye and started walking but he caught up with me. "I'll walk you home!" We walked and he told me everything that's happened since I last saw him. His life is more interesting than mine. I waved goodbye as we came to my house. He slipped a piece of paper into my hand and walked off. I unfolded the paper and say a number in Luke's handwriting. I put it in my phone.

The next couple of weeks I've been hanging out with the boys and they apologized for not keeping in touch. I missed them so much. I like Luke more than a friend I didn't know it at first but when he would flirt with girl I get this feeling in my stomach that made me want to puke. He wouldn't feel the same though.

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