I silent girl and 5 loud boys. What happens when they meet again?


1. one

Written By Kylie Brooks-Downs Co-Written by Danielle Degon

I don't speak. I haven't since I was 5. It's not because I can't, it's because Tommy Pepper told me my voice was high pitched and annoying. I didn't listen to him at first but the constant bullying everyday I finally listened. When I was ten I met the Brooks brothers. Beau was like an older brother and the twins were my best friends. They would try to get me to talk everyday but I refused. Now they are part of a group with their friends Daniel and James called the Janoskians and they are pretty famous. Once they started getting more famous they stopped talking to me except for Jai who would check up on me and still try to make me talk.

I moved to California when they did because Jai said we would be able to hang out more but we didn't. They are currently on their Got Cake tour. My sister Jasmine is going to one of their shows tonight. I decided to got to the park. " are you sure you'll be fine?" Jazz asked. I nodded and walked to the park. I sat under a big tree and started to read. I lost track of time and realized it was getting dark.

I got up and decided to swing a little bit and then go home. I sat down and thought about things. Why did the boys stop talking to me. Was I holding them back? Was I not good enough to hang out with them? My thoughts were interrupted by l a familiar voice."Is that swing taken?"

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