I screwed up in Transformers Prime

A typical Transfan can imagine becoming a Cyber-Organic and crossing over to the universe where their favorite version of Transformers exist for the best. Unlike what we all think could happen with the above; reality tell us there's two routes: doing good, and screwing up. Even bringing in characters who were not seen in the show.
This is how I screwed up in Transformers Prime.
In Transformers Prime: Book 3 of 3.


12. Why?

. .  .December 28th  . . 

"Megatron." Starscream barged in through the doors.  "I have kept--" Starscream gasps as he stopped across from the open doors. "Unicron."

UniMegacron slightly and very eerily laughs.

"It's time for the leader to hear your name." UniMegaCron said, holding me up by the neck. "Lets hear it."

Starscream looks to his possessed redesigned leader and then to me. I let go of the Decepticon necklace--which I had stolen back from Team Mech last year,go figure--to let it thud on the floor.The look in Starscream's optics were those of 'its her'. I can tell he didn't believe the day would actually come when Megatron was possessed to the point of killing. 

"Gladiator Megatronus  .  .  ." I said, stroking the side of his face plating. I can see the look of recongizition lock on in his optics. "It's me." I lower my hands. It's time to say my complete and full name; I've avoided it for three years.  "Ivy Brooke Bell."

UniMegacron ripped out the package from my chest; thereby jerking my connection to this body into termination. I awoke in the base seeing pitch black. It's gonnna blow before the Autobots! I thought with such rush it made me run out of the connect-torrier room; then right to the living room.

"Pond." Ironhide said, standing still across from a big item that had a timer.  "Don't move." I didn't want him to die because of me.  "It's programmed to go faster whenever someone moves."

I could feel  my body more weaker than ever from plunging in and getting outta the Connect-torrier room.

"I have to." I said.  "And this is goodbye."

I jumped on to the machine--by extending my legs--and digging in my fingers into the exposed areas that somehow you know found each other.With my eyes closed I managed to expose my Cybertronian side to the machine that connected it's wires to mine. We became bounded together; and thanks to my lowered protective shield I made a round sphere circle around me and the machine. It was going to go off with me. 

And only me.

"Ivy!" Wheeljack shouts.  "Don't do this."

"I can die." I said.  "I've been dying this year." I moved my arm over the cold metal tube. Brr it feels cold doing this.  "And this is where my story ends with you guys. I've never found something more fun than this." Tears were coming out; my eyes were opened, stuck right at the timer going faster. "It was fun getting to know you all."

"Don't say that." Ratchet said.

I look over my shoulder towards the Autobots--who were free to move as they liked--who seemed horrified by my choice.

"Say goodbye?" I ask, with emotion in my words. "It is time."

"You can't die." Ironhide said, with denial.

I close my eyes as tears rolled down my face.

"Yes I can." I said. "Just . . . If you remember me  .  .  ." I look down to the ticking bomb. "Remember me not as the girl who screwed up. Remember me as a friend."

And then this blinding light overcame me.Next thing I knew Unicron had me in his presence and informed me that I would never be able to return into the world of Transformers. Not ever. Even if someone came after me with a empty shell and were eager to bring me back; they wouldn't return to their home universe. I was left alone from Unicron to get my bearings. After all; it was Soundwave and Lockdown who did the explosion planting and killing Megatron to bring in UniMegaCron.

Surprisingly, in my despair, I found myself comforted by Megatron.

"I'll come find you." Megatron offers.

".  .  .How do you know Unicron will leave you the only one to remember me?" I ask.

"Because  I know." Megatron replied.

I folded my arms at this old, gigantic and fearsome fool. Well, I ain't that scared of him; now.

"You know the Declaration of Independence was signed by the guy who wrote his name in big letters; first?"

Megatron stares at me like I had declared Optimus Prime was better than him.

"I will come find you," Megatron said. "And you will be proved wrong."

"I am not wrong." I said, shaking my hand back and forth. "I am not wrong about the declaration."

I saw this smile appear on Megatron's faceplate. Ah Primus, he's making me cry. Wanna know what kind of smile is on his faceplate? It's the last smile from Prowl in Transformers Animated; Endgame, part 2. For some reason there was a gut feeling I just made the worst reply ever in the history of fandoms.

"I accept your challenge." Megatron said.

Oh scrap, I did make the worst reply!

"Look, you old fool." I said, with tears coming outta my eyes.  "It's one thing to steal the spark of a Decepticon and screw up in Transformers Prime." I take off my glasses and wipe my eyes. "It's one thing to do both; but  .  . ."

"I know the consequences." Megatron replied.

"You won't go back." I finish what I had started while putting on my glasses. 

"I am aware." Megatron said.

"We all have choices, freedom, and well; responsibilities." I said.  "Your choice is not to come. I don't want to screw up the repairments that's being done."

Megatron did not seem pleased by my reply.

"I fought for freedom." Megatron said, fondly.

"To not be enslaved by the primes." I said.  "This is different."

"Different then going after someone on your free will?" Megatron asks.

I cleared my throat.

"We all make mistakes." I said.  "And I ain't gonna be the cause of your untimely death in my reality whenever the US Government finds you." I emphasized on his 'untimely death' part. "I'm only human. So of course; the Decepticon Leader dies in my universe!" I threw my hands up. "Isn't that brilliant."

I could hear the soft, low humm from his engines

"They wouldn't spot me." Megatron said, then raises his optic brows at me. "You're human. So what about it? That didn't stop you from running around the nemesis." I sigh.  "Why do you think I did not allow Knock Out or Soundwave to proceed on the torture?"

.  .  . Wait they were gonna torture me?

"In my reality." I said, putting my hands together; momentarily. "There's  . .. No chance we'll ever make it as a  'thing'." I tap on the palm of my right hand. "I would annoy you, make you do everything that Bayverse Megatron should do when Sam's screaming, and last of all; you will regret it."

Megatron's optics narrow at me; like I had challanged him.

"No I won't." Megatron said.

.  .  . Is he being romantic or is it just me?

"I . . ." I shook my head.  "Megatron, look, Screamy would make a great mate for you!" I wave my hands in the air.  "I am human; we live, we age, we die." I rub my fingers together. "You want to be wondering around in mourning when I die as a human?"

I had my hands clenched into fists.I saw the determined-but-still-earthling-disliking-glint in his optics; woot!  But then I saw a look of uncertiantly on Megatron's faceplate: slag it.Slag it.Just freaking dog fragging scrapping scrap it.I rub the middle of my forehead with a slight irritated groan.So much for believing the Decepticons won't fall in love with me to the point they go AFTER me!

"We don't live for thousands of years; that's for gods and aliens." I finished.

"Not if I use a Protoform on you." Megatron argues.

Prime Megatron cannot be becoming Bayverse Megatron.

". . .Since when do you have back up plans?" I ask, folding my arms.

"Starscream's had a protoform in his pod before you came." Megatron explained.  "And I would prefer some . . .new form of spice into my race." Is he gonna suggest what I think he is? "I would like to start my race in your reality."

"I am not sure if you are insane." I said, my  tears dry.

"Ivy," Megatron said, lowering himself to my eye-level.  "You've driven me sane with your reasonable points on Starscream being a coward."

"I .  .  . never said that." I denied.

"Oh," Megatron said, as his optics color lower a bit. "You forgot why I threw you off the ship."

".  . . Eureka!" I said, with much delight. "You do like him!" I jester at Megatron. "Megsy likes Starscream!"

Megatron rolls one of his big and mighty aft optics. 

"It's time." I heard Unicron.

I turn slightly towards the darkness.

"I will find you." Megatron repeats in his deep and creepy cheesy story-teller aft voice.

I couldn't resist my next reply. Who wouldn't do that? Insane Politicans who want money, land, and power; that's who.

"And I will decline." I replied.

"And you will not." Megatron corrects me.

"Joking." I said, with glee that I got the last word.

I ran off towards Unicron before Megatron could argue with me. I got the last word; not him! I will be the Transfan who got the last word in Transformers Prime! Well here goes nothing . . .

____                                                      _____________                                                       ____

Greetings, Starscream.

I've learned over the Stellar cycles, when humans were primitives beasts, that not everything was what  we dreamed of. It was  not until I met some femme the meaning of 'unexpected love' came to light. I've learned now, in my stellar cycles on Earth--

"We weren't on Earth." Starscream notes, rolling an optic. 

 In my stellar cycles on Earth, I've learned life is short and quick for puny organics.. You meet new ;people'; but above all, you meet others who inadventurely capture the interest of your spark.I have decided to go after some . . .figure of interest.And I will not return; definitely. If I do return; it will be in the form of a lone stranded spark finding it's way to the Well or joining the pits.

We see Starscream--the 2010 one-- reading this letter with a confused expression.

This is why I have left you in charge of the Decepticons.Though do make sure to make Soundwave into a femme with no voice box,and take laserbeak to the jungle planet. 

"Strange coming from Lord Megatron." Starscream said the word 'lord' with much hate.  He pauses for a moment there thinking back."Nah. Not really when I think about it."

By this  you've read my message; I have found my femme of interest.

 We see a brief scene of Megatron's crash landed proto-type into a hill.This is likely eighteen years later after our main character has returned to Earth. A woman in her thirties is standing above the hill holding a flashlight with a hoody, a bag, and a camera in her hand. We see lights from behind this woman beaming on high mode. This woman is no other than the one who had returned.

  And I assure you, Lord Starscream,we're fine.

We see his red optic glow from the darkness that revealed  a gray sphere shaped like a stasis pod in his arms.

 Do not come after us or dare to operate the space bridge for my coordinates. I have started anew.

We see a planet far from earth gaining cybertronian like qualities. There are two Cybertronians resting below a machine like tree leaning back with relaxed leaves hanging down. We can tell the prorminet figure is Megatron while the other femme is left unknown. We see she is pointing at the night sky; directly at one star that is Earth in the far distance.

"He just called me Lord." Starscream said, with a gasp.

And if there's a chance you may get a transmission from our cybertron . .  . to you; do not come.

_____                                                         _______                                                 ___

  .  . . 2013.  .  .

 . . Shortly after Unicron has forcefully sent her home  . . .

 I tripped through the door and landed on the floor as glass shattered behind me. Time was frozen; not a sound had been discharged into happening. I got up seeing small pieces of glass float in mid- air. That’s one of the strange and perky things about being sent back to reality by an age-old transformer called Unicron.Get up girly, I coax myself up while brushing past the broken glass. I look over my shoulder seeing the glass re-arrange them back into the glass window.

“Keep holding on,” I sang to myself, in a low tone. I trudge away from white doorway. There are some points inside of me that are tingling fresh hot from being unmerged from the Cybertronian half that had taken a grasp on me. “And I’ll take your hand and it’ll be a-Okay.”

The Dark Television sat there looming and very unwelcoming like, well it is a Television set that doesn’t do a slagging thing unless the remote is used on it. I continue singing ‘Keep holding on’ raising the notes at ‘Cause we’ll make it through’ as stained tears came down my face. I wiped off one of these embarrassing tears. I sat down in the middle chair then picked up the laptop and leaned back into the recliner.

Time resumed.

“Keep holding on.” I sing, softly.  And then I watched DeadLock knowing the universe I had been thrown into was fixed.  Wow, time went by quick.  “I like this episode.”

With that I closed the tab once the final episode concludes. And that episode had the best ending ever. Which is pretty huge to hear that coming from me after 3 years avoiding the show. Anyway, it was better than EndGame. But I don’t like Transformers Prime. Why do I not like Transformers Prime as a Cartoon? Their mouths move like slagging water!

                              The End.

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