I screwed up in Transformers Prime

A typical Transfan can imagine becoming a Cyber-Organic and crossing over to the universe where their favorite version of Transformers exist for the best. Unlike what we all think could happen with the above; reality tell us there's two routes: doing good, and screwing up. Even bringing in characters who were not seen in the show.
This is how I screwed up in Transformers Prime.
In Transformers Prime: Book 3 of 3.


4. See what he has done?

.  .  . February 4th  2012.  . .

Megatron walks down the hallway. He had heard no word about Optimus--the former Prime--and the femme who Starscream had left partner-less. It was odd he had fought against Sentinel Prime instead of Optimus. After all he had been the one who killed Sentinel Prime during the war. It was like someone had flipped over a dice and then switched it for the other.

He had a feeling someone had done something crucial.

But  what?

"Lord Megatron!" Porcupine skates down the hallway after the leader.  "I have some news!"

Megatron stops in his tracks, but, Porpcupine's feet didn't stop when he was running. Porcupine crashed into another vehicon.

".  . . News that you've taken the hobby of skating?" Megatron asks, his arms folded.

Porcupine gets up--with no apologies to the vehicon--and walked back towards Megatron.He stops a few feet away from Megatron. Porcupine's left arm is trembling while the other arm is not. We see the poor vehicon--who he had crashed into--limping back the direction it had came from. We see a huge dent in their legs.

"Lord Megatron," Porcupine said. "I've figured out what Soundwave has been doing for the past two earth months."

"I didn't ask you to spy on him." Megatron said, with the hint of a threat in his deep voice.

"He . . . "  Porcupine shudders.  "I can't say what he's been doing."

"Oh?" Megatron said.  "You want to be killed?"

Porcupine sighs, lowering his helmet towards the floor. Porcupine grabs his own arm in attempt to make it stop shaking. We can tell there is something on his mind that really bothered him, greatly. He slightly raises his helmet up to Megatron.

"You have to see it for yourself." Porcupine said.

Our  scene transfers to later; probably half an hour later. There we see Megatron and Porcupine watching a construction in progress from the mountains.We see Laserbeak on a rail watching humans fit in robot parts into a totally different machine. We see faded red color from one of these parts.Our perspecive pans back to the two Decepticons standing from safely from the site.

"Soundwave cannot be doing this." Megatron said, with a bit of denial.

Porcupine has a pity face, looking down to the site.The lighting from afar makes a great shadow effect on his helmett and the red visor that is raised up--not covering his optics--on his forehelm. He had this grim look.

"That used to be Optimus Prime." Porcupine said.

Megatron looks over to Porcupine.

"What did you just say?" Megatron asks, with a 'what?' reaction.

"That body .  .  . that shell." Porcupine points at a leg that is nearly unrecognizeable. "That belonged to Optimus."  We can see the burn in his optics as he lowered his arm.  "You don't  forget the legs of a Prime in the Eradicon culture."

"I am not convinced." Megatron said.

Porcupine looks down to his servos.

"Sentinel Prime is online." Porcupine said, glancing up to the warlord.  "He's the one who helped them."

"Proof?" Megatron asks.  "Accusing one of my best soldiers, it's an unwise choice to make."

"It's not an accusation." Porcupine said. "I've heard it from the eyewitness."

"Eyewitness?"  Megatron asks.

"I was listening in, five earth wees ago ,to a conversation this human was having with  'Ironhide'. They were getting to know each other. So they had to be honest with their pasts". Porcupine said, his optics change directions from left to right at the site.  "And then it got me interested. I had to see if this was really true or a cruel joke." His shoulders lowered.  "I sneaked in." He turns his helmet up towards Megatron. "I saw . . . remember the femme?"

"Yes." Megatron said.

"They turned her shell . . ." Porcupine said.  "They were . . ." He grasps his helmet.  "They were not even done melting her dead shell." The pain in his voice was very real. "They were melting her into bits and bits of metal." 

Porcupine lowers his arms.

There was a abrupt silence between the vehicon and Megatron.

".  .  .  And where does Soundwave come in?" Megatron asks, ending the silence.

Porcupine lifts his helmet up from the site and with a sad but grim look.

"He was there."  Porcupine said, powering down his optics briefly. He hated to have this image of Soundwave in his processor. "He was practically building a . . . machine for a bridge." His sad look went away to be replaced by a sincere one. "A very powerful one. That's why we have not seen him for ages."

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