I screwed up in Transformers Prime

A typical Transfan can imagine becoming a Cyber-Organic and crossing over to the universe where their favorite version of Transformers exist for the best. Unlike what we all think could happen with the above; reality tell us there's two routes: doing good, and screwing up. Even bringing in characters who were not seen in the show.
This is how I screwed up in Transformers Prime.
In Transformers Prime: Book 3 of 3.


2. Ratchet

"Who are you?" Ratchet stood in my way, his arms folded.

Oh scrap. Optimus should'a sent Ratchet a message about the whole growth thing.

"You .  . . know who I am." I said. I didn't like to take this kind of crap from the Autobots. Like seriously it's not fun to be questioned right after being at the scene where two Autobots DIED. "You already know that 'Cee and Optimus is dead, right?"

I saw Ratchet's optics go wide.

"You haven't checked the radar." I acknowledged. My shoulders sulked. "Check it."

Apparently they didn't KNOW their boss bot and their ninja lady is dead. What a shame. Ratchet walks over to a huge computer with a long 'u' shaped console. Arcee and Optimus's energy signatures dissapearing off the radar should have raised red flags.Like come on; Transfans can do a better newsbreaker than this when writing fanfictions. How sad is that I have to be the one who tells breaking news? I don't know; maybe because I am a slagging walking wikipedia?

I ain't the news channel.

"I can't find their energy signatures." Ratchet said the obvious.

"I've traveled in a wet and murky . . OH!" I smack my forehead. "Activate: Clean!" Ooooh yaaay! Skin feels much better right now. "Activate: Laundry."  My clothes became warm and cool; comfortable and cozy to walk around in. "Ah, much better."

".  . .Ivy?" Ratchet said.

"Duh." I said, rolling an eye. 

"You look . . . different." Ratchet notes, tilting his helmet.

 I nodded.

"Even Optimus didn't recognize me." I agreed with a much heavy sigh. "Where's the other guys?"

"They are meeting up with two friends of ours." Ratchet said, lowering down to my level.

I look down to my right, at least knowing the look on Ratchet's face is all 'You were there?". The look on his alien-human-metal face is really easy to read. Though to be honest Ratchet's face is like a mix of Bayverse and Primeverse put together. I don't know how else to put it in simpler words.

"I was." I said, in a low voice.  I'm still holding that luggage, ya know. "Optimus threw me into a bat infested cave before Team Mech." I look up to Ratchet. "Those are the only guys in Transformers franchise who  willingly use Cybertronian tech for their greed. And the thing is  . . .Soundwave was working with them."

Ratchet stood up, at most horrified.

"Megatron wouldn't plan something like that." Ratchet said.

"You're not listening!" I said, dropping the luggagge. "Soundwave was slagging working with them." I am not his mistake. I am someone elses mistake and Soundwave under no circumstance will take that title away from them.  "Of course Megatron is not aware! Soundwave did this on HIS own." I point to myself. "He tried to kill me. But I .  .  ." Oh wait isn't my reply gonna be contridicted?.  "Can't." Might as well say it. "Die."

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