I screwed up in Transformers Prime

A typical Transfan can imagine becoming a Cyber-Organic and crossing over to the universe where their favorite version of Transformers exist for the best. Unlike what we all think could happen with the above; reality tell us there's two routes: doing good, and screwing up. Even bringing in characters who were not seen in the show.
This is how I screwed up in Transformers Prime.
In Transformers Prime: Book 3 of 3.


5. Oh robots

.  .  .February 6th 2012  .  . 

 . . . Navada.  .  .

Perhaps the most interesting things in life is that people move on and then they grow as individuals.A fact like this is mostly  true; to this day. I saw the Elbook family had nicely moved on from my departure.You know after the metal shed off me and I had looked in the mirror; I didn't know who that woman standing there wearing a hoody that fit her and long comfortable pants. I didn't recognize myself; seeing my face for the first time.

"So.  . . ." Ironhide said, staring at the little car that I had made myself--from my five month long vacation--while rubbing his chin plating.  "You plan to hibernate in it?"

"Well of course." I said.

"I don't follow." Ironhide said.

I shook my head with a laugh pressing a small button on the window still of the vehicle. The vehicle transforms into a robot that would have been one foot taller than Arcee. That is all the difference to it; minus the usual helmet design, the legs that were built for a racers, wheels hooked into the back like springers, the side of helmet is sharp and similar to how Elita-1's Helmet was like in Transformers Animated. Well my pony tail is different; there's a sharp 's' shaped metal connected to wires and screws that have been forcefully pushed in.

"So you plan to become a robot?" Ironhide said,scratching the top of his helmet.

"I'mma live a double life."  I said.

"A what?" Ironhide asks.

"Double life." I repeated. "I'll spend some time as me, and, then half that time as this femme without a name."

"And how would you do that?" Ironhide asks.

I snicker  pressing a  button on the chest plate of the robot.

"This is how I'll do it." I said as the chest pating's depart and retract for a vessel big enough for a human to rest inside.

___________                                                  ________                                            _________

.  . Tuesday .  . . 21st.  . . .

  .  .  . 8:30 PM  .  .  .

"Pondflare?" Ironhide yells after the femme as they ran through a tall wild fleet of tree's that could be compared to Grass. Their elbows knocked against the branches which made them snap falling to the ground floor. "Pondfire? Pondfleet? Pondblade? PondGlade?"

They were being chased by Starscream for some item that a certain Cyber-Organic had stolen.

"No name!" The femme shouts back.  "To annoy a Decepticon, rule number 1; Don't. say. your.name."

"You must be joking." Ironhide said, as the femme trips over a large boulder. "Pon--"

"Hide, you must adore breaking up a perfectly good time to annoy Decepticons." The femme said sounding ungrateful. "I've done this before."

A quick blast of energy snapped  a tree in half right in their path. We see a brief look of trouble-making on the femme's metal purple lips. Her digit tips slid behind the cracked over tree  as a seeker with two vehicons behind him landed on the floor. We can see Ironhide's powered up cannon going in slow circles getting more steam. Ironhide held a item that seemed to resemble a briefcase with a handle and a keylock formation in the middle; it even had a arrow like part sticking up to the left side.

"Give The Ke-lock  back." Starscream said, with a threatening hiss in the edge of his voice.

"Uh no." The femme said  as the two vehicons were getting tickled by her digit tips.

"What she said." Ironhide agreed, pointing to her.

 Starscream turns his helm to the vehicon to his right as the finger tips disappear into the bushes.

"Why don't we force--" Starscream said as the vehicons were cowering over while laughing and slamming their fists on the ground. "Eradicons, I, your lord, order you to stop laughing before I rip out your precious sparks."

Ironhide and The femme share a  'did he get a dictionary?' glance.

"Looks like your Vehicons won't help you this time!" Ironhide shoots at Starscream.

The blast sent Starscream flipping over the tree with the vehicons going after  him. The femme coughs waving the smoke away from her faceplate while making a comment that 'smoke is a terrible stench as a robot'.  Starscream fell back, then stood up shooting at the duo with much determination that usually is not seen on Transformers Prime Starsream other than being the one who gets beaten up by Megatron and time and time again going back to the Decepticon cause. The femme's left leg extended quickly enough to hit him square at the torso and crash into a vehicon.

"I dare you." The femme said, with much challenge in her voice.  "Try coming after us." The femme taunts at the irritated seeker. "Because Hide will shoot you, I will kick you, and the vehicons will tip over laughing." She cracks her digits making these loud noises with it.  "It will not halt until you stop."

Starscream got back up from the vehicon who he had apparently been crashed upon.

"Who are you?" Starscream asks, his blaring red optics full of questioning and bent in curiosity at the femme.

"That is an answer you will never know." The femme said, and then with much surprising and twists to her character;she  whacks Starscream with her arm and sent him flying into the distance. She wipes off her servos like kicking Decepticon aft was a piece of cake. "Who's next?"

 The vehicons dashed after Starscream into the distance.

"You're right." Ironhide said, walking to her side.

"About Starscream, I assume." The femme said.

"No." Ironhide said. "The vehicons treating him as Lord Starscream." He holds up the device. "What should we do with this?"

"Leave it at Miko's place." The femme said. "And then we'll wait for Miko to come in asking for answers why a strange Cybertronian object was staring right right back at her when she awoke." We see this very trouble-making smirk on her faceplate. "On the ceiling above her face."

"Partner." Ironhide said.  "I know how it sounds to you, but it sounds creepy for a cybertronain to do."

The femme laughs, shaking her helm and her big metal pig tail wiggles from side to side.

"Creepy is putting a cardboard box version of Freddy Kruger in front of her bed." The femme said with much amusement to her voice "And then adding a new version of Spock into the room holding a phaser aimed right at you." She lowers her optics.  "I did that once to Jack."

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