I screwed up in Transformers Prime

A typical Transfan can imagine becoming a Cyber-Organic and crossing over to the universe where their favorite version of Transformers exist for the best. Unlike what we all think could happen with the above; reality tell us there's two routes: doing good, and screwing up. Even bringing in characters who were not seen in the show.
This is how I screwed up in Transformers Prime.
In Transformers Prime: Book 3 of 3.


3. Iron-mother-trucking-Hide

.  . .  .Half an hour later  .  . .

Bumblebee, Bulkhead, and two other vehicles drove into the base.  My eyes went wide seeing a big red pick-up truck and a white-gray-and-green vehicle like car drove in behind them. I can see they had been using their hologram that flicked off immediately after entering the base. The small group transformed into their robot mode. If there is a world record to being speechless then I am speechless.

"Uh Ratchet." Bulkhead said. "Who's she?"

I've heard a weird saying from Denmark about 'The more people you love, the weaker you are.' some-where, Perhaps I have been traveling around but let's get off the random topic jumper, kay? Okay we're on the same page--wait, that quote should be Megatron's motto because of his views towards being viewed as weak.

"You're the organic from the Trachena Planet." Ironhide said.

". .  . Trachena?" I ask, blinking.

"You were chasing after a small space ship." Ironhide said as I walked forwards then held out my hand.

Oh yeah--Wait a second there!

Iron-mother-trucking-Hide was there when I was chasing my airplane!

"Hi." I said, with big eyes at the character who shouldn't be in Transformers Prime. "I am Pond," I still held my hand out, but, I did say the next line like how James Bond introduces himself. "Ivy Pond."

Ironhide shot a glare at Wheeljack--who visiibly rubbed his shoulder--and then looks down to me. I saw Bumblebee and Bulkhead's optics get huger than a basketball made twice their size. Ironhide gently shook my small hand--while I was trembling in excitement--as though attempting not to crush it.A few Transfans might argue this is impossible in the world of physics, logic, and width band optic sensor fibers hooked to the back of Autobot's optical cornea.

"Pond," Ironhide called me by the fictional last name and stopped shaking my hand.  "Why do you look so sad?"

I look over my shoulder to Ratchet with a 'can you do this?' plea.

"Arcee and Optimus are not returning." Ratchet said. Great he didn't just make it obvious; he just said it as a 'they probably left' kind of thing. Oh goody I'm a news breaker, how wonderful. Please note my under-desire-able sarcasm at this ridiculous point.

Bumblebee  beeps and beeps, and beeps.

"Like what Bee's saying." Bulkhead agreed, pointing to his little buddy.  

"You better sit down for this." I said in a low voice.

And that's what they did; sat around at the chairs or couches, waiting for whatever I had to say. I told them what happened and how Optimus threw me. And how I saw the military vehicles headed off to the duo's direction. I didn't leave out Soundwave's attempt to kill me--but what I did leave out was 'I can die'.

"We have no leader." Bulkhead said. "What are we suppose to do without a Prime?"

Bumblebee beeps, sadly looking down to the floor.

"Wait for one." I suggested, randomly.

Wheeljack, Bee, and Bulkhead looked at me like 'Are you insane?'

"No way." Ironhide said.  "It seems like the Decepticon--no, wait," Ironhide shook his metal servos  in front of himself. "I mean a rogue Decepticon.A rogue Decepticon just took out two of our own and we don't know where the scrap is the matrix of Leadership."


Ratchet and Ironhide were looking at me strangely.

"Sorry, fangirl moment." I said, rubbing the back of my head.

What? I've seen the 1986 movie multiple times to the point it's really worn out when I was younger.

"Who's going to be our NEXT leader?" Wheejack said in a way that sounded like a complaint.

I heard the doors rise up from the entrance. Great, probably the kids were coming. I look up o see a gigantic maroon, gray, and silver fire-truck like Transformer with pillars on his back. My eyes grew wide as a movie from three real earth years ago clicked in my head. I remembered how 'the needs of the man outweigh the needs of the few' word for word by Sentinel Prime in Dark of the Moon. There should be the word 'side' in the title, but Hasbro was being so stupid not to do it.

"Me." Sentinel said, walking in. Correction there: Sentinel Prime.

This version of Sentinel actually reminds me a mix of Transformers Animated Sentinel Prime and Bayverse Sentinel Prime. I guess the power of coming into this universe and screwing it up might have been a good event after all. He never did appear in Transformers Prime; though he does have a Transformers Prime toy.

"Sentinel?" Ratchet said, surprised.

"Megatron's victim is alive." Ironhide said with much sarcasm. "Alive."

"Why have you been restored?" Bulkhead asks.

Bumblebee was really beeping at Sentinel. I didn't understand most of what he was beeping.

"Optimus's time has come to an end." Sentinel said. "Primus decided it was time to bring me out of The beautiful well." The way he refereed to it sounded like someone who missed being in a certain location like a garden or a  ball room.  "Optimus  is at peace with his old flame."

"What about Arcee?" Bulkhead asks.

"She  .  .  . moved on." Sentinel  said.  "With Tailgate." Sentinel looks down to me. "Ah, so you are the girl  Tailgate told me about." Wow, the guy who was a kenobi like figure just informed a dead guy about me and gave spoilers. "It's Ivy, correct?"

"Yes." I said, blinking.  "So lemme guess; you have the matrix."

Sentinel nods.

"Aw-some." I said. 

The Autobots had some catching up to do; so did I. I learned Miko had wagered a bet with Grimlock that he acted like a dog. At the end Miko was proven right by no other than Grimlock himself--well indecently--when Bulkhead threw a dangerous item into the distance and Grimlock caught it using his dinosaur mode's mouth. I cannot underestimate this universe's flaws with all the charactersl anymore.

For most of the time they were talking; I was sitting on the couch left thinking space. Untill  .  . .

"So, how do we distract them to put in this device?" Wheeljack asks.

"No idea." Sentinel said, rubbing his helmet with his right servo.

I snapped out of my trance with this really cheesy one-liner in my head,

"You know how easy it is to distract them?" I ask. "I once used a laser pointer on Starscream and he chased at it like a cat!"

"You are suggesting we use laser pointers to put in leg wormers?" Sentinel asks.

I nod; not really understanding what Leg Wormers are.

"It worked when Porcupine, Cloud, and I were putting in some teddy bears into Starscream's room." I said with much giggling delight. "And then we did the same to Megatron's room. Only Megatron was not in his room but was busy planning something with Soundwave and Shockwave."

"The silent one." Sentinel said.  "I didn't expect he would join the Decepticons."

All gazes were fixed on Sentinel.

"Yep." I said. "He knew Soundwave."

"Long time ago." Sentinel said.

".  .  How long before the war?" Ratchet asks.

"He was a youngling when I met him." Sentinel said, with a fond smile.  "And much like a spider."

_____                                         _______                                        _____

  .  . . Shadowzone.  .  . 

  .  . . With Lockdown  .  .  .

Our scene transfers to the almost lighted room that had a powered up screen and a furious Lockdown standing in front of it. One can say he had enough waiting for Ivy to come on her own straight to him. He hadn't been taken out of the shadowzdone for over a year.  We see a pair of sharp red optics on the screen.

"I've been in the Shadowzone for eight earth months!" Lockdown said. "I am getting impatient." We can see his sharp white teeth.  "With all this waiting, Unicron." The last part came out like a hiss. "I should be out."

We can hear that growl in Lockdown's voice.

"The plan is different." Unicron replies. "She'll come to you."

Lockdown folds his arms with a heavy grunt.

"You said this last time." Lockdown said, as his optics didn't lower the intense anger present.  He crushes a useless rock into pieces with his servo. "I am tired of waiting for her."

"Would you like to hear my new plan?" Unicron asks.

Lockdown nods.

Unicron explained his plan to a skeptical Lockdown. The plan seemed weird for getting a transfan who's been messing up this universe.Once his employer had finished laying out the plan; Lockdown held up his index digit in the air.  It seemed general that there was some parts to the plan which seemed iffy.

"Your plan  .  .  . " Lockdown said.  "It sounds .  .  . ridiclious."

"Her presence in this world has made everything ridiculous." Unicron said, with a despising in is voice.  "She must be rid of. It will not be the clean way I had planned originally; it will not be logical to get this out. You will put  her into the machine, and then, I will return the human to her universe. Only one Decepticon will remember this unwanted pesky human."

"Who?" Lockdown asks.

"That is not what I plan to reveal." Unicron said in a lower but suspenseful and frightening dark fearful voice.

Lockdown raises an metal brow.

"So this Decepticon, who will not be named, will be the only one remembering our little annoying transfan." Lockdown said, and then shook his helm.  "A bitter left-over."

"A requirement." Unicron said, sharply.

"But this Decepticon could get insane." Lockdown said, considering Unicron's stupid requirement.

"It makes sense to the universe--" Unicron began but he is interrupted by Lockdown.

"To drive them insane." Lockdown finshes for him.Lockdown's faceplate has a serious-grim look once making the comment. "When  you plan to get rid of a transfan from doing any more damage to the universe; you do it without leaving any ties behind!" Lockdown shook his index digit at the screen. "I've cleaned up their messes; the first one.  . . ." Lockdown lowers his helm towards the floor.  "I did the same thing you did. That turned out a dirty Kaon mess."

"You  .  .  didn't  .  .  ." Unicron is pretty much dissapointed.

Lockdown lifts his helmet upwards.

"Get the job done." Lockdown finished for him with a nod. He made this  'tsk' sound twice.

"I saw the events were going in the way they were supposed to be." Unicron said, puzzled.

"You didn't see the small mech shooting a rifle at the Decepticons." Lockdown said. "I fixed it; correctly." Lockdown taps his foot on the messy floor and awkwardly looks down like a child caught in the act by a parent. "After you viewed my mess."

Unicron is silent for a while there.

"The memories of the girl  . . ." Unicron said, breaking the brief silence.  "That's all that they will remember.The knowledge about their future will be removed; time will be corrected and all the mess made in the future will be undone. She will never return to this universe."

"What if the Decepticon leaves this universe and go after her?" Lockdown asks.

"That is .  .  . not in our world." Unicron comments. "There is no concern about it. The Cybertronian race does not exist in her world. We're only fictional to them."

"But .  .  ." Lockdown takes a step forward. "Wouldn't the Decepticon bring her back?"

"Like I said; she can never return to this universe considered fictional to her reality." Unicron said. "It's very impossible.  I will make it impossible when returning the girl to her universe. You will be out, in a few earth months, and you will make it hard for this girl . . . to live."

"How?" Lockdown asks.

"Working with Soundwave." Unicron said.  "You are still part of this plan, Lockdown. And it will go accordingly."

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