I screwed up in Transformers Prime

A typical Transfan can imagine becoming a Cyber-Organic and crossing over to the universe where their favorite version of Transformers exist for the best. Unlike what we all think could happen with the above; reality tell us there's two routes: doing good, and screwing up. Even bringing in characters who were not seen in the show.
This is how I screwed up in Transformers Prime.
In Transformers Prime: Book 3 of 3.


10. In the cold part 2

I don't really know how many megacycles passed huddled in this cave. But what I do know for certain is that it's not a good idea to spend a day in the freezing cold.

"How did you light that bone up?. . ." I ask Sentinel with my mouth gaping.

Sentinel pokes at the burning fire of animal bones with a long spare metal pipe like item with his helmet turned towards me. I swear the unpleasant winter storm's creepy shrieks seemingly could not enter this cave. Heck, even a movie critic can admit logic does not apply in this case. 

"Your turbo thrusters." Sentinel said.

I look at my scorched feet that had heels--wait, I don't HAVE heels--and look back to him.

"I don't have turbo thrusters." I said, turning my helmet down towards my burnt metal legs.I tilt my helm to the side. "I didn't construct heels for this shell."

Sentinel did a low chuckle. 

"Some-one had to." Sentinel said. "Not saying some-bot in the base added them .  . ."

"Sent." I said, straightening my neck.  "It sounds like you enjoy making big holes for a living."

Probably got an eye-roll from Sentinel. 

"WheelJack added them." Sentinel admits.  "Because we wanted to see if you would notice."

I had to think whether or not I've actually felt the differences. Was there anything different with my feet for the past earth month?  I thought, selectively turning on my body heat systems through the emergency power option. My digits began to generate heat. There was this tired feeling coming from my Cyber-Organic body. I had this strange desire to sit around and sleep. In the slagging cold. 

"You've been walking around with heels for two earth months." Sentinel said after a long while.

I look at him with disgust.

"For the past two earth months," I said. "I've been tripping, landing on the wrong foot, and sliding; and it didn't hit you that most femme's do not like heels?"

Sentinel whistles as his optics were focused on the ceiling. Wow what a nice way to admit, I thought  turning away from the taller Autobot. I turn my legs over to see the heels are small and short but nearly noticeable. It wasn't just my clumsy side making me do everything; it was the unnatural high heels I'm not adjusted to. I attempt to yank them out of my feet.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." Sentinel said.

"And why is that?" I ask, putting down my foot. 

"WheelJack connected it to the body mechanics." Sentinel said.

"Speak English." I said.  "I don't understand two words being a explanation. I'm not a rocket scientist."

"And you built a shell with the brain of 'not a rocket scientist'." Sentinel points out.

"I had help getting the foundation built." I said, with a yawn. "The vehicle mode, well, I had experts help with that part."

"You mean the protoform part." Sentinel corrects me.

"If we're arguing about the part where there's little to nothing on a shell." I said, holding up my index digit. "Then let me tell you something called 'Bases'. People create new ideas off them; characters, robots, people, aliens." Why am I so tired? "And stories."

"Go on." Sentinel said. 

"There's an image that's probably the most based picture in the Transformers Animated fandom." I go on to explain. "And this picture is a Autobot getting stabbed by a Techno-Organic at the chest area near the spark." I folded my arms. "And another where Sari's about to upgrade herself."

The way he tilted his helmet is very adorable. Very adorable. I swear if there are Sentinel Fans out there among the Transfans; they should be in my place instead of me.Not saying that all the fun. laughs, and the chance to meet Ironhide is awful. There are days I wish it wasn't me experiencing this non-sense.

"Sari?" Sentinel repeats.

"Sari Sumdac, Techno-Organic." I said. "That base, unbelievably, is one where people draw different kids in her place getting an upgrade. Most of which are girls by no surprise. I made a base of that too." I pat on my chest. "When making a real cybertronian; there's some fans who may consider the primary part the 'foundation' or 'base' part of it. Once it's done; then it's custom time."

Goody, Sentinel's probably going to change the topic.

"It's connected to the foot." Sentinel said.  "And if you tear off the heel just imagine running out of fuel in five earth minutes."


 "I like how you changed the subject." I noted.

 ___                 ___

.  .  . Some other time  .  .  .

 .  . .Not in the past nor in the future but perhaps a foreshadow. . .

Megatron paces back and forth attempting to figure out to present a question to Knock Out. Out of all the ways he can put it sounded so ridiculous and absurd, insane, if one can chip in  this long debate. His processor had been focused on this question for quite awhile.Megatron forces himself to a sudden stop. Starscream would have argued Megatron had lost his processor if he knew what Megatron was thinking about.

But no.

Megatron hadn't lost his processor.

"Lord Megatron?" Starscream said, behind the mech. "Something on your processor?"

Megatron stops pacing; apparently facing the other direction from Starscream.

"Starscream!" Megatron raises his voice. "Do not ever walk up on me like this again." He earns an eyeroll from the seeker who makes a rude comment along the lines of 'like last time'. "Your spare Protoform." Megatron turns  towards the Seeker. We witness Starscream raises an optic ridge.  "Do you still have it?"

At first Starscream seems puzzled by Megatron's question.We can tell this plain as day on Starscream's faceplate that seems a  goodmix of light gray and dark gray put together by an expert painter.Megatron stood across from the scrawny and femme like seeker with a short frame.

"Of course I do!" Starscream said, folding his arms. The way he did it with a shake of his hips seems so lady-like followed by a attitude. "I need a spare in case you successfully offline me; twice."

"First time was an accident." Megatron said.  "Second time will not."

"Those were the exact words you told Sentinel Prime for his death."  Starscream said, folding his arms. 

"I don't remember the last words I told any Prime." Megatron remarks.

"Such as 'I'll blaze your aft, next time,Optimus Prime'?" Starscream asks, leaning forward.  "Is there something that happened in Kaon that I don't know?"

Megatron's faceplate turns dark and sinister.

"None of your concern." Megatron said. "Where is the protoform?"

"In my room," Starscream said, unfolding his arms with a sneer. "As always. I have locked up in my pod, and, only I know the password."

Starscream walks past Megatron with weary optics on him. Megatron makes this 'Your password is Lord Starscream' comment. Once the seeker was gone; Megatron turns back towards the light pale doors. His glowing red decepticon optics could not force the doors to kneel down to him--they are inanimate, so of course it is impossible--in the tense-dark hallway. Megatron recalled a fond memory to overcome his problem.

"Go in."  Megatron orders himself.  His servos loosen out from their clutched form. "Or be a coward forever."

He hated the words  'cowardly' and 'Weak' used to describe himself. He knocks gently on the door, well, actually, hard.Cloud and Porcupine share a stare at the knocking tyrant--who usually didn't knock that hard--awkwardly. They share a brief look of 'let's ignore it' then continue down the hallway chatting about dark energon signatures.

"Door's unlocked!" Knock Out's voice is carried from the lab.

The tyrant opens the first door and then heads into the room.

"Knock Out." Megatron said, closing the door gently behind him. 

Knock Out turns away from a table that had a offline shell on it. He had these strange pair of googles that made his optics appear like a extended microscope lense. It took all of Megatron's self control not to slap the lenses back into Knock Out's machinery. Sometimes those long black and silver machines creeped him out.

"Yes?" Knock Out said, sliding the googles up over his helmet.

Megatron walks forwards.

"Is it sane to have dreams of someone who doesn't exist?" Megatron asks.

Knock Out turns around and does a little tinker with the dead arm that nearly sizzled to life with a flick of it's digit.

"Well." Knock Out said, blowing smoke away from his optics.  "I am not the Psychologist."

Megatron sat down into a chair.

"Knock Out, I am serious." Megatron said, his voice became heavy. "I've had dreams of having interface with a femme who does not exist."

"A femme who does not exist. . ."  Knock Out said. "Vague. This is unlike you to ask."

"You didn't hear what I said." Megatron said, as his cannons powered up. "Is it sane to have dreams of interfacing with a femme who does not exist? If you do not answer my question then your whole lab will be destroyed."

  Knock Out eyed Megatron.

"How long has it been since you interfaced?" Knock Out asks as Megatron's cannon power down.

"Since the war." Megatron said, with the hint of hate.

"Sure you and Commander Starscream are not in a relationship?" Knock Out asks, just to be sure.

"We're not in a relationship." Megatron said. "If I were to have a relationship with Starscream; I wouldn't be the one loving him." Megatron slides forth his index digit on the table. "Any mech or femme, just not Starscream."

"Then who is this femme?" Knock Out asks, sliding the motionless arm back to it's original body on the table.

Megatron looks away from the table.

"If I told you; you would consider it insane." Megatron said.

Knock Out laughs.

"My lord." Knock Out  said. "I've experienced crazier events aboard the nemesis."

Megatron gets up from the chair.

"In order for you to understand, you must remember her." Megatron said, coming to the mech.His thumb digit glows briefly a different color of red and so he puts it on Knock Out's forehelm. We see the edges of Knock Out's optics turn a light blue. "It is time you remember, as well."

Knock Out's optics power down. So Megatron reaches back his servo. Knock Out's optics power on to life.The light blue optic color is overcome by a blazing red color. We can see this 'how can I have forgotten her?' look in his optics.Megatron puts down his servo away from a shocked Knock Out.

"This is insane." Knock Out said, as Megatron steps back.

"Everything is insane when you think about it." Megatron noted.

Knock Out looks down to the table thinking at the memories he had been given.

"So, everything that happened with her on this ship. . ." Knock Out said, his glance turns back towards Megatron.  "No longer happened?"

"Correct." Megatron said.

"I don't understand." Knock Out said. "Why can't I know the full story?"

"The full story is your future, Knock Out." Megatron said.

"The story that should not be told." Knock Out repeats. "Interesting."

"Answer my question." Megatron said, sitting down into the chair. "Is my interface dreams a product of my fantasy? Is it the memories doing something to me? I have been asking myself for the past earth week."

"It's your feelings towards her." Knock Out said.  "You miss her."

"As an interface partner?" Megatron asks.

Knock Out takes off the googles  from his helmet.

"No." Knock Out said.  "You want her. You won't admit it, well, that is normal." He places the googles on the table near the weird looking shell. "You should keep your word. I've only known you less than Starscream has. But there's one thing I know with my spark; it's sane to feel this way."

"My interface dreams are not feelings." Megatron reminds Knock Out.

"Have you dreamt of fish?" Knock Out asks.

Megatron thought for a moment.

"Two thousand stellar cycles ago." Megatron said.

"And who  is two thousand years old around here?" Knock Out questions him further.

".  .  . .You."  Megatron said.

"There's science behind dreams." Knock Out said.  "And there's a human saying; when you dream of having interface with someone else then that's the one you love or have a crush on. Humans have come so far in understanding dreams, Lord Megatron."

"And why do fish have a connection to my dream?" Megatron asks.

"To prove a point." Knock Out said. "Dreams can foretell the future. And a mech doesn't always do the chasing. Keep your word, Lord Megatron, or be the Decepticon lord who never fulfilled his word." We see Megatron's optics power on a bit brighter. "Starscream will be off showing his flight skills. I believe this is your chance."

"You didn't answer my question." Megatron reminds him.

"It's perfectly sane when you're in love, Lord Megatron." Knock Out said.

Megatron sighs.

"Just what I wanted to hear." Megatron said, turning away from Knock Out.  

Megatron walks towards the doors and then goes out using first door to the left. Once Megatron is out of the doorway; the left door shuts with a click.We see Megatron go the direction that Starscrean had been walking away from. Knock Out lowers his helm with a sigh while making a comment along the lines of 'I should write a speech book about this'. Before long Knock Out is back doing what he had been initially. Toying with a dead shell's weaponary systems.

___                           ___

.  .  . Current time  .  .  .

.  . . . Forty-three minutes later  . . 

Guess who tripped into the cave?

"Vehicons." Sentinel said, backing up and taking out his long spear sword like weapon.

His spear like sword bore a strong resemblance to that lance used by Transformers Animated Sentinel Prime and used as a codeword when he was in trouble. Wanna hear what the code word is? Broken Lance. I have never ever forgotten this little fact, nor that Swindle held a dusk ball in that Decepticon episode. I get in the way before Sentinel could attack them.

"Hold up." I said, holding my index digit. "They can help us."

"Last time you said that;we were chased by a herd of snow bears." Sentinel said.

I laugh a little.

"I'm not the only one who screws up." I reminded him. "If you had given freedom to the Decepticons, then perhaps this war wouldn't be going." I turn towards the two  vehicons who reminded me of Blitzwing and Lugnut! I  couldn't  believe my optics. "Holy cow."

Blitzwing is the one who has that accent I really cannot write because it's like hell to get straight. If I attempted to write it then I would go overboard with it and people wouldn't be able to understand what the character is saying.

"Where are we?" The Blitzwing one, who has an accent that is hell to write, asks as he turns his helmet.

"In a frozen cave." Sentinel said.

"We didn't ask you!" The big tall and huge vehicon ,who had this resemblance to Lugnut, declared.

Wait, the Bltizwing one cannot change faces nor is he flipping faces like attempting to catch a wild Pokemon.

"Technically you did ask us." I said.  "Who sent you here?"

"It was Cloud!" Okay let's call this dude Blitzwing. Bltizwing flails his arms. "We were talking about how to get ninja squid out of the shadowzone when Airachnid came!" He shudders. "Then she forced Cloud to set coordinates here and let us be here until  .  . ."

"Death comes for you?" Sentinel asks.

"Noo!"  Let's slaggging call the Lugnut dude as  'Lugnut'.  "Until Lord Megatron decides what to do with us."

I get out of Sentinel's way.

"Did 'Cloud' bring us here?" I ask.

"Possibly." Lugnut said.  "Lord Megatron knows everything,"

"He's not a bat, you know." I reminded Lugnut.

"Lord Megatron is not a glorious bat!" Lugnut said.

Oh boy he needs a hug.

"You need a hug."  I said before Lugnut could refuse and did the hug.

If anyone would believe Sentinel was laughing then surely it is a nice thought. Because this is what Sentinel did with two vehicons stuck and one of them getting hugged by no other than me. I'm surprised these two never came up in my adventures aboard the nemesis. This is worth getting grabbed into this universe. This just made my day.

"Enough." Lugnut said, peeling me off his chest. 

I landed on my back not minding the cold.

"Worth it." I said, with this plastered smile on my faceplate.  I pushed myself upwards which made my servos land in the cold freezing snow. My body heat quickly made the temperature higher  for my servo.

"And why are you here?" Blitzwing asks.

"No idea." Sentinel said.  "Thought you can be of some help."

I get up.

"I thought Autobots had space bridges to help them out." Lugnut remarks.

"The Space Bridge is broken." Sentinel said.

"Lord Megatron's army is better than faulty Autobot tech!" Lugnut gloats, swinging his large arm in the air.

"Since when has Cloud been the one who uses Space bridges?" I ask. "I cannot imagine that vehicon who takes any mention of the clouds above as an insult to him."

"Soundwave is in the Shadowzone." Blitzwing said.

"For once, I hear good news from a Decepticon." Sentinel Prime remarks.

The thing about Sentinel and Megatron, is that the first time--that they fought since the great war---was that Megatron was so white as a ghost. I didn't figure Megatron could get this shocked over the individual he killed stellar cycles ago. He didn't know at the time Optimus Prime had died. But I assume Megatron is well aware; now. 

"We have those small canned prototypes of Space Bridges, right?" Blitzwing asks Lugnut.

"Of course." Lugnut said. "For emergencies only."

Good old Shockwave.

"If you can help us get back to the base  .  . . " Sentinel  said, taking a small clutch of snow from the ground and begin to smooth it out into a ball. "And be on a low profile; we'll be sure to not bother you."

I followed Sentinel's lead by making snow balls.

"Who do you think we are?" Blitzwing asks, folding his arms.  "We're not fools."

"There's one thing you fear the most." Sentinel said.

"And what is that?" Lugnut asks.

Sentinel threw a snowball at Blitzwing's face.

"Ah!" Blitzwing runs around in circles.  "My face! It is burning cold!"

We did the same thing over and over until we made the two vehicons run out. Sentinel told me it was just to 'give them thinking time' about standing in the cold and not being in a cave where it is warmer.Sentinel had a brilliant idea that he claimed would work. We sat around the fire. I attempted to call Ratchet on my comnlink but the message didn't go straight out.

"We might not be on Earth." I said.

Sentinel looks towards me. 

"Where do you come up with that?" Sentinel asks.

"I've tried calling the others." I said.  "And all I get is blaring radio screeches." I raise an optic brow at him. "I'm surprised you haven't tried."

"Long ago I learned places like this do not allow messages to go out." Sentinel said, in a low voice. 

When I was younger, and I browsed FanFiction.net a lot, I only found few likeable Transformers Animated Sentinel Prime Fan Fictions. Wanna know what that lead to? It lead to one of the current uncompleted versions of 'Making a Difference'. Because you know, Jerks aren't always so bad. They have hearts, and, there's lots of jerks out there who are not like the bully-jerks. 

"Oh." I said, nodding in understanding. 

Sentinel looks up from the fire. 

"Optimus never told you about Tranlysarch." Sentinel said.

"Never heard of it." I said.

Sentinel smiles a little. 

"Before the war began; Me, Optimus, and Elita-1 visited Translyarch." Sentinel said.  "The planet was much like a desert.  The inhabitants were able to live off the vegetative part of the planet protected by scorpicons."

"Scorpicons?" I ask, my optics going wide. 

Sentinel nods.

"Yes." Sentinel said. "Scoripicons. They had their own scorpion king." The Scorpion King! Oh my gosh fangirl moment. I'm a big fan of the spin off movie from the  'The Mummy' franchise. "We were arranging the return of a small group of servants." Decepticons, most likely.  "Who were taken during a raid. One of them had been decapitated."

"How many were there?" I ask.

"Seven." Sentinel said. "We came back with five." He pokes at the fire.  "We should have left Megatronous there." Sentinel shook his helmet. "But no; Optimus sought good in him." Flickers of flame spilled on the snow. "Megatronous made it troubling to get everyone out of there in one piece."

"So you got back in pieces." I guessed.

"Barely in one piece." Sentinel said.  "The raid on Kaon was something that diminished our connections to the Scoripicons."

"So Megatron came from Kaon?" I ask.

"This raid happened during a Gliadiator fight." Sentinel said.  "That's where he honed his skills."I  had this little smile. "The event at Translyarch was something I should have paid heed to." I raised my optic brows. "He wanted to kill them all."

"Good old Megs--Megatron."  I said. And then this question popped up into my helmet. "If Megatron was a gladiator, and, a servant . . . Was Megatron serving when he fought?"

Sentinel actually laughed with a shake of his helmet.

"Part time servent." Sentinel said.

I sigh.

"Good." I said. "I can't imagine how many femme's were spell bounded by his armor.So, lemme guess, at Translyarch  .  .  . Optimus and Elita-1 shared a kiss."

"No." Sentinel said. "That's where Airachnid came."

I stare at him.

"She's a Cyber-Organic" I reminded. "Cybertronian as in, you know, from Cybertron."

"Labels can be deceiving." Sentinel remarks. Oh yeah, I get what he means. "Airachnid was the right hand commander to the Scorpion King."

"So she wasn't a Psychic." I assume.

"She never was a Psychic." Sentinel said.  "Get your mind off the movies humans have made."

"Correction; Movie." I corrected him. "The Scorpion King is what gives me the image of a bald man paired up with an Psychic with a friend who helps him along the way not be killed by this king." Sentinel was looking at me confused.  "Sent, you must watch the Mummy Franchise when we get back. No exceptions."

And then the two vehicons tripped into the cave, again. They stumble over one another attempting to get inside. Lugnut and Blitzwing came to the fire pit holding their icicle servos out. This is when appreciating the  beauty of small little plans came to be a pure piece of gold.

"F-f--fine we'll help you." Lugnut said, his teeth jittering on top of another.

"Ju-j-j-just let us warm up first." Blitzwing said, covered in snow.

Fifteen minutes after this plead; we were headed back to the base through 'emergency' space bridges.

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